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Ear Cartilage Gone Wrong After Ear Otoplasty?

Hi, i got my procedure done about 4 months ago and what I thought was a scar turned out to be a cartilage sticking out by the scar area, it's very... READ MORE

Concha Bowl Reduction - Can You Flatten It or is It Cut Out?

My CB is 1 inch side to side, and 1 inch high. I want to flatten the White area. Can I get that part of the bowl area flattened or does it have to be... READ MORE

Is it OK for Non Absorbable Sutures to be Used on the Inside of Ear?

I will be doing an otoplasty surgery next month. I asked the doctor if I need to return back after 7 days to remove the sutures and he said no. He... READ MORE

Otoplasty Bandages Question?

My doctor only does the procedures on fridays, and removes bandages on the following tuesday(4days after procedure) then puts light bandages for... READ MORE

Darwinian Tubercle Removal (UK)?

How do I go about getting a single darwinian tubercle removed on my left ear. what are the costs? (UK ONLY) READ MORE

I believe this is what is called Darwin's tubercle on my left ear. How to fix it? (Photo)

I have this deformity this birth, and I would like to get it removed if possible. What is the procedure, how much of a scar would I have? I would also... READ MORE

Why did I develop small hard cartilidge bumps on antihelix after otoplasty? (photos)

I had a Darwin's tubicle removed on one ear as well as slight otoplasty of the same ear to match adjacent ear, involving cartilage trimming, no... READ MORE

Is There a Possibility That I Can Remove a Nevus That is Located on my Tragus?

I have a nevus wrapped around my tragus and I have been searching for similar cases and I have found some that have gotten them removed but none where... READ MORE

How long before I can get back to intensive exercise?

I just had an otoplasty done. This is day 2 of my recovery. I am heading to my doctor to get the wrapping headband removed. Most people on this site... READ MORE

Otoplasty: permanent non absorbable sutures can't tolerate the sutures. How to locate them? When? Who can remove them? (Photo)

I had Otoplasty 4 months ago (nonabsorbable sutures / No cartilage removal) technique My ears are about the same as before & I can feel the knots, I... READ MORE

Protruding suture after "suture only" technique otoplasty. It is possible to remove the suture? what about the shape of the ear?

I had a suture technique otoplasty 3 months ago. the protruding suture can be remove it after 3 months otoplasty without affecting the shape of the... READ MORE

Otoplasty: If permanent Non Absorbable sutures become useless after 6 months then it would be possible to remove them in stages?

I had otoplasty 41/2 months ago and i can feel the rubbing under the skin of some sutures while other ones are hidden in scar tissue creating a bump... READ MORE

Permanent sutures are causing discomfort, tension and pain. I can't see them, and want them removed. What can I do?

Otoplasty 7 months ago - non absorbable permanent sutures - no cartilage removed technique. Original doctor not available I had (2) permanent sutures... READ MORE

I think I have a permanent suture close to my ear canal. How to identify the suture material and how to remove?

4 1/2 month otoplasty. My Left ear canal surrounding "constant" discomfort. ENT says canal is good. maybe suture reaction. But I want to be sure. What... READ MORE

Otoplasty 6 moths ago non absorble SUTURES. Looking for a Procedure, exam that shows sutures location so I can get them removed

6 months ago I had otoplasty (non absorbable sutures/ no cartilage remove) original doctor is not available Im being in pain (tissue tension around... READ MORE

I had an otoplasty 8 months ago and the permanent sutures are intolerable. Original Dr. Not available. Who can remove them?

Otoplasty permanent suture technique only - 8 months ago - 4 protruding sutures were removed @ 5th month - 2 R (ear) & 2 L (ear) by a local plastic... READ MORE

How to search for Otoplasty buried Permanent sutures inside the ears so they can be removed?

The Dr. who did my otoplasty is in another country. I did contact him and He said he can remove the sutures but i'm really afraid to go back to him... READ MORE

Ear tube surgically removed?

I had my 2nd set of tube surgically removed after having it in my ear for 11 years ago.I am curious was having the tube removed the right thing to do?... READ MORE

Will Stitching on my Ear Cut Effect the Way It Looks After Removal of Stitches?

Last night I fell somewhere and got hurt and had a cut on my external ear goctor gave me nine stitches saying that it was a kind of fine stitching ,... READ MORE

If someone knows a method to remove permanent sutures from otoplasty, please let me know. I am really scared of these sutures!

Otoplaty 8 months ago. Original Dr. not available, and even if he will be available I dont want to go back to him. He put me in this situation. I had... READ MORE

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