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I Have Heard that Otoplasty is Very Painful to Recover From, is this True?

I have heard stories from friends who have had this procedure and read online that an otoplasty is one of the most painful cosmetic procedures,... READ MORE

Otoplasty Suture Complications

Had otoplasty 8 years ago. For a few years behind my ear has been red and swollen and bleeds when touched too hard. There is also drainage. I've... READ MORE

What Happens when Otoplasty Stitches Are Left in Too Long?

I'm having my otoplasty stitches removed exactly 21 days after surgery. They're not infected, only a little sore. will removing them after... READ MORE

Pain 4 Years After Otoplasty

Hi, I had an otoplasty done in one ear 4 years ago. Every now and the I get pain in the area where the fold was done, even though the pain has... READ MORE

Hello, I Have Recently Had my Ears Pinned Back, Just Wanted to Ask About Pain?

Hello, I Have Recently Had my Ears Pinned Back, Just Wanted to Ask About Pain? READ MORE

Serious pain after the removing pressure bandage? (photo)

After 6 days of the otoplasty, pressure bandage was removed but left side ear was more swelled. After 2 day i was feeling serious pain, i visited to... READ MORE

4 days post op Otoplasty, I got severe pain and swelling in my right ear. Is this infections? (photos)

I am in to the clinic tomo for my post op review. will only be able to see a nurse as the surgeon don't see the patients for weeks if not months post... READ MORE

Surgery Was 3/5. Ear Pain Still Excruciating. Can I Do Anything to Help Lessen Pain ?

Surgery Was 3/5. Ear Pain Still Excruciating. Can I Do Anything to Help Lessen Pain ? READ MORE

Does my anti helical fold get less thick / prominent over time? (photos)

I had an otoplasty due to lack of antihelical fold 15 days ago. My left ear needed just a little bit more correction than the right. This resulted in... READ MORE

My left ear is not completely folded and feels broken. Can it be fixed? (Photos)

Left ear is not completely folded and feels like bone is broken. I was born like that. READ MORE

I had otoplasty just over 3 years ago and having pain on one ear and beading?

Hi, so it was just over 3 years ago when i had my ears pinned back and recently I've been having really bad pains on the folding of the operation on... READ MORE

1 month 9 days post op, when will my ears feel natural again?

Many doctors say that Otoplasty pain and swollen will go away after few weeks. In my case that's not true. I have 1 month 9 days and my ears are very... READ MORE

Otoplasty "Permanent Suture Reaction" I have discomfort left ear and pain, the area (skin) gets red sometimes. What to do?

I had otoplasty 3 months ago (nonabsorbable permanent suture only / no cartilage removed) . 1 month ago I started to have some symptoms (left ear... READ MORE

Is there a way to prevent ears to go back to their original shape after having an Otoplasty?

I had a Bilateral Otoplasty done last thursday, and I have been doing a bit of research and read that cartilage has memory and can or will go back to... READ MORE

Six Weeks After Otoplasty my Right Ear Slightly Paining?

My right ear slightly paining 6weeks after otoplasty.all time its paining slightly .6 weeks after only it started paining now 8 week is over still... READ MORE

I have a lot of pain after otoplasty. Is this normal?

I had an otoplasty procedure done last Wednesday, and I am still in a lot of pain. I am in the most pain while wearing my sports headband around my... READ MORE

Otoplasty 5 day post op. Possible hematoma or seroma buildup in right ear. (Photo)

Hi, I'm really concerned about my right ear having fluid buildup which could result in fibrosis. The right ear appears much more swollen than my left.... READ MORE

Regarding Otoplasty? 8 Months Post Op and Not Satisfied With My Surgery?

Sir actually i got otoplasty before 8 months in Delhi, India by dr. and now i am not satisfied with my surgery, actually i am feeling some pain and... READ MORE

How long does it take for a stitched ear to heal?

My sister was in an accident ,almost lost her ear as it was hanging ,she's got stitches ,she just turned 20 (in fact this happen on her birthday) I'm... READ MORE

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