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Corrective Surgery for Ear After Infection?

My brother had a severe infection from a spider bite on his ear. It was drained in the ER, and he was told to get to go to a plastic surgeon to repair... READ MORE

Otoplasty 2 Weeks Ago: Have a Hole on the Front of my Ear and a Suture Poking out of the Top, Are They Infected? (photo)

My left ear has what I can only describe as a hole on the anti helix/concha, it scabs over but when I shower comes off, its red and swollen and I... READ MORE

In Need of Ear Doctor ASAP, That Specializes in Surfers Ear Surgery?

Had surfers ear since 15, now 40. This summer my ear got infected from the ocean. I have no health insurance. The ear is swelled shut so nothing can... READ MORE

Would surgery fix my misshapen ear cartilage? (photo)

I got my tragus pierced the summer of 2011, but it got infected and swelled up so I had to get it lanced. Unfortunately, the conch part of my ear also... READ MORE

4 days post op Otoplasty, I got severe pain and swelling in my right ear. Is this infections? (photos)

I am in to the clinic tomo for my post op review. will only be able to see a nurse as the surgeon don't see the patients for weeks if not months post... READ MORE

I Still Have Stitches from an Otoplasty Left in After Almost 13 Years, Would It Be Wise to Get Them Removed?

I am 18 years old and I had an otoplasty done when I was 5, the stitches are still in at the top of both my ears and are frequently becoming infected... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision - Need Advice?

I had otoplasty on both ears several months ago. The technique used was standard mustarde stitches, no scoring of cartilage or skin removal. An... READ MORE

My daughter has an infected permanent stitch. What should I do?

We took her to her plastic surgeon today. He couldn't see the stitch; the back of her ear was swollen and red. The area is about the size of a medium... READ MORE

Could ear infections as a baby/toddler and undiagnosed mastoidits cause mastoid promence and outstanding ears later on?

I have prominent ears, that I believe are caused by a prominent mastoid process. I had dozens of ear infections as a child and probably had... READ MORE

Can my infected piercing of 4 years be removed surgically?

I had an interesting ear piercing experience. Something the piercer had never done, three piercrings in the form of a triangle in my cartilage. It's... READ MORE

Otoplasty- is it easy to replace a suture?

Hi. I had otoplasty about 8 months ago. Today, I had to have a permanent suture removed because it was infected. They said that my ear would maintain... READ MORE

Otoplasty. Is this a clot? (Photo)

I had my surgery done like 9 days ago now. I constantly have drainage issue and ear looks infected too, can you please tell if this is a clot?... READ MORE

Last Year I Had Tympanoplasty Surgery but Stil Its Not Healing and Suffering with Infection but Grat is Good but Little Weak?

My doctor said graft is good and healing but got an infection.since from last 5 months I have infection in my right ear. I consulted another doctor he... READ MORE

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