Helix + Ear Surgery

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How Much Would Otoplasty Cost in Montreal Canada Only to Reshape the Helix of Both Ears? (photo)

My ears are not really prominent. What I would like to have reshaped is the helix of both ears (esp. the left side), since they are a bit opened. Does... READ MORE

Can my Ear Be Improved? (Photo)

I had otoplasty 12 years ago and my left ear looks bent out of shape. Would I be able to have the cartliage reshaped? My helix is missing from front... READ MORE

Otoplasty: Will my Outer Helix Relax over Time? (photo)

Hi, it's one week post-op and I'm happy with my recovery as well as symmetry. Problem is my ear prior to this had a malformed antihelix since birth... READ MORE

Outer ear surgery

Not sure of the proper term for the ears I have but I want them fixed. They're not Darwin's tubercle or pixie ears. It's like the outer part never... READ MORE

The Middle of my Helix on my Ear Separated During the Trauma of Removing a Keloid. How Do I Heal It?

Didnt know if i would have to get it sutured or if it would heal back with the unhealed skin underneath it. READ MORE

​2 years post op on Otoplasty, the helix of my 2 ears are different. How do I make the helix of my ears look the same? (photos)

I was born with lop ear in my left ear and underwent otoplasty 2 years ago which i had both ears pinned and the left ear was altered slightly but... READ MORE

how long should it take for otoplasty procedure to completely heal? (Photo)

I had an otoplasty procedure 3 months ago, one of the ears has healed perfectly but my left ear anti helix sticks out which brings an un natural... READ MORE

In search of a doctor who can reconstruct my ear on both sides (helix) (Photo)

Left ear was attempted to be corrected as it was lopped, the attempt was failed caritilage is very bumpy and rough looking very un-appealing, would... READ MORE

What are the different and most reliable techniques for upper ear otoplasty?

It seems that there are many different techniques a doctor could use for upper ear otoplasty. I was wondering what technique works best for a sharp... READ MORE

I had an otoplasty 6 yrs ago, I had my cartilage/helix pierced and had no issues with it. Can I get my rook pierced? (Photo)

I'm not sure if my rook was a part that was reconstructed or not so I don't know if it would be too risky or if it would be just the same as someone... READ MORE

Can a suture be placed on the back side of the ear right behind where glasses would rest at the helical root?

I was wondering if a suture can be placed on the back side of the ear right behind where glasses would rest at the helical root? It is not so much to... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape small ears to make them look bigger or at least normal-shaped? (photos)

I dislike my small ears. They are only 1 1/2 inches. I want to pin my ears back because the bottom part sticks out and I want to make them at least 2... READ MORE

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