Conchal Bowl + Ear Surgery

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Conchal Bowl Ridges After Bilateral Otoplasty...

I have a concern similar to these. (rs link) (rs link) It has been 10 days since the operation. The pictures... READ MORE

Concha Bowl Reduction - Can You Flatten It or is It Cut Out?

My CB is 1 inch side to side, and 1 inch high. I want to flatten the White area. Can I get that part of the bowl area flattened or does it have to be... READ MORE

Conchal Bowl Swelling/excess Skin After Otoplasty? (photo)

Hi I'm David, I had an otoplasty procedure about 12 days ago and now have large protrusions inside my conchal bowl. I can't tell if this is all... READ MORE

After Bilateral Otoplasty, There's an Extra Fold in Conchal Bowels in Both Ears? Is This Permanent?

My daughter had Bilateral Otoplasty done about 6 weeks ago and she has an extra fold in Conchal Bowels in both ears? are they permanent or will the... READ MORE

Can Ear Cartilage Graft from Nose Be Placed Back in the Conchal Bowl?

I asked a question about ear reconstruction after cartilage harvest for revision rhinoplasty. I will soon remove the one ear cartilage graft from my... READ MORE

Worrying about Folding of Conchal Bowl After Otoplasty? (photo)

Hello. I underwent otoplasty 8 days ago. Bandages were removed 5 days post op. Today I met with my surgeon and told him that I worry about this weird... READ MORE

Otoplasty, Conchal excision and future rhinoplasty. Bit of an odd question?

I am having otoplasty and a chin implant in a few weeks. I am told that conchal excision will be used to pin my ears back. I am considering... READ MORE

Conchal Bowl reduction or Conchal Bowl resection- what's the difference? (photo)

Which one of these techniques are better? And what is the difference between the two. I have large conchal bowls, but I was planning on getting just... READ MORE

Can Ear Graft Be Corrected?

If after Rhinoplasty surgery ear grafting was required and the conchal bowl cartilage was taken, if there is deformation in the ear and the ear sticks... READ MORE

Lack of conchal bowl, one year after otoplasty? (photo)

I had otoplasty 1 year ago, and am fairly satisfied when comparing my ears before-hand. However, I'm concerned about the lack of a conchal bowl in my... READ MORE

Conchal bowl reduction otoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, is a conchal bowl reduction otoplasty suitable for my ears READ MORE

How long will it take (if ever) for this lump of extra skin in the conchal bowl to flatten post otoplasty?

Cartilage had to be excised on the revision because of failure of the first procedure (one ear popped back out). Very pleased with the revision except... READ MORE

How much cartilage from the Concha Bowl can you remove for an Otopalsty?

I was just curious as to know how much of the concha bowl can be removed during an otoplasty? Also is there a specific length of the concha bowl (in... READ MORE

Should otoplasty scars be located on the back of the concha, or in the fold that connects the scalp with the concha?

Where on the concha should otoplasty scars be located? I was in consulation with one surgeon and he showed me pictures that the scars run visible on... READ MORE

Ear deformity after cartilage harvested. Can this problem to be fixed ? (photos)

Can this problem to be fixed ? I have rhinoplasty using cartilage from both my ears and now my concha bowl deformed :( READ MORE

Which would you recommend; destructive vs non-destructive technique for cartilage of conchal bowl and long term results?

I have meet two great surgeons each with different suggestions to pin back my ears. One would excise cartilage to set back the conchal bowl with the... READ MORE

I had otoplasty 6 months ago on my conchal bowl. Doctor removed cartilage & stitched it back up, how long till I can do boxing?

My fold was fine before it was the bowl that made my ears protrude. only cartilage was removed from the back so when will my ears be strong enough to... READ MORE

How to fix large conchal bowls?

Hi, i don't have ears that stick out, (prominent ears) but my conchal bowls are large, This makes it very difficult to wear earphones because they... READ MORE

Can concha bowl and overall ear appearance be improved? (Photo)

It has been 5 months since my otoplasty. Concha setback and stitching method. I noticed concha bowl swelling has not completely gone away, it makes me... READ MORE

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