8 Months Post-op + Ear Surgery

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I Had Otoplasty 8months Ago. They Were Both Overcorrected, One Slightly More Than the Other. What Can Be Done? (photo)

I had otoplasty in July 2011 but they were definitely overcorrected, especially the right side. They appear to have been overcorrected at the lower... READ MORE

What Can Be Done in my Situation? (photo)

I had an ear reduction surgery before 8 months ( reduce the actual size 7.2 cm to 6.5) In london , but i made the biggest mistake in my life They look... READ MORE

Revision to bring Helix closer to head? 8 months post op. (photos)

I am 8 months post op from a otoplasty, which overall I am generally happy with. I have discussed with my surgeon for my lobes to be 'folded in' more... READ MORE

What can I do to remove permanent sutures 8 months after otoplasty? Original Dr. not available. I can't take the discomfort

I had otplasty 8 months ago suture technique only/no cartilage removed im being in pain.@ 5th month I got some prominent permanent sutures removed (2... READ MORE

What are the risks of secondary otoplasty and why there was asymmetry and recurrence on the first one? Is scarring more likely ?

I had otoplasty 8 months ago. My ears were pinned back but weren't totally symmetrical. During this time I followed the doctors instructions. Now... READ MORE

Regarding Otoplasty? 8 Months Post Op and Not Satisfied With My Surgery?

Sir actually i got otoplasty before 8 months in Delhi, India by dr. and now i am not satisfied with my surgery, actually i am feeling some pain and... READ MORE

I had an otoplasty 8 months ago and the permanent sutures are intolerable. Original Dr. Not available. Who can remove them?

Otoplasty permanent suture technique only - 8 months ago - 4 protruding sutures were removed @ 5th month - 2 R (ear) & 2 L (ear) by a local plastic... READ MORE

Otoplasty- is it easy to replace a suture?

Hi. I had otoplasty about 8 months ago. Today, I had to have a permanent suture removed because it was infected. They said that my ear would maintain... READ MORE

How many sutures (or strips) are typically used in an Otoplasty with the Mustarde Technique?

Had an otoplasy 8 months ago and my doctor said he put a total of 2 sutures (or strips), 1 on the antihelix fold and the other in the middle of the... READ MORE

Should I get another Otoplasty?

Hi doctors. I've done my otoplasty 8 monthes ago and when i look at the Mirror i can still see my ears are stickin out not only that , some people... READ MORE

I got permanent sutures inside my ears after otoplasty. I can't take them anymore. Original doctor not available. What can I do?

8 months already. 4 permanent sutures were remove (2 right / 2 left ear) the removal decrease my symptomps greatly but i have same type of symptoms in... READ MORE

If someone knows a method to remove permanent sutures from otoplasty, please let me know. I am really scared of these sutures!

Otoplaty 8 months ago. Original Dr. not available, and even if he will be available I dont want to go back to him. He put me in this situation. I had... READ MORE

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