Ear Lobe Surgery Videos

Creating a New Earlobe After a Large Gauge Is Challenging

Stretching the earlobe has become more and more popular in Western culture but upon a career or lifestyle change, some wish the evidence of the drastic decision would just go away. Dr. Stephen Weber explains how this can be possible. VIEW NOW

Earlobe Repair For Torn, Gauged, or Aging Ears

Dr. Stephen Weber explains just how common earlobe repairs are and what the major reasons are behind the decision, for most patients. VIEW NOW

Sagging Earlobes Get Their Fullness Back With Restylane

Dr. Manjula Jegasothy fixes a sagging earlobe & enlarged ear piercing with Restylane. VIEW NOW

A Surgical Alternative to Ear Pinning Can Fix Wide, Prominant Ears

Dr. David Mabrie gives a video tutorial on otoplasty (ear) surgery for prominent ears. He discusses causes of prominent ears, includes 3-D illustrations of surgical techniques, shows before and after images, and discusses recovery. VIEW NOW

Ear Reconstruction: Am I a Candidate?

Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi answers questions about ear reconstruction: What it is, what is involved, and who might be a god candidate. VIEW NOW

Ear Pinning: An Empowering Procedure For Children and Adults

Dr. Rady Rahban explains that an ear pinning procedure is an emotional change for the patient, so making sure to produce a symmetrical and natural looking result is key. VIEW NOW

Repairing Ear Lobes after Wearing Ear Gauges

Dr. Matheson Harris discusses how to reverse ear gauge holes, what to expect during the procedure and the possible side effects. VIEW NOW