Stretched + Ear Lobe Surgery

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Will Stretched Ear Lobes Ever Shrink Back to Normal Size?

I was wondering if you would always have to get surgery after stretching your earlobes. I have heard from others that depending on how big you stretch... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Stretched Ear "Blow Out" Removed? (photo)

I've stretched me ears to 7/8s, I have what we call in the ear stretching world a "blow out", not sure what to call it medically. I was... READ MORE

I've Split my Stretched Ear in Half and Want It Reconnected (photo)

Basically I had a stretched ear and it was fine until I had an accident which tore all the fatty tissue inside of my stretched lobe but I was... READ MORE

If I Cut off a Blowout Will I Be Able to Keep my Stretched Ears After the Procedure? (photo)

I have stretched ears (7/8") and I have an old blowout behind my right ear. I have been thinking about removing the blowout for quite some time... READ MORE

My Earlobes Are Stretched?

Hi, I had this earlobe allergy because of fantasy jewelry, my earlobe got really swollen and I notice after 3 days that it know looks stretched and... READ MORE

Thickening and Evening Out My Earlobes? One is Blown Out and Both Are Stretched? (photo)

Hello! My name is Joe, and I am 18 years old. I have stretched earlobes that i purposely stretched, and they are getting thin and uneven looking,... READ MORE

I'm Looking for a Surgeon for Stretched Ear Lobe Repair in San Diego

My grandson wants to join the Navy and he needs stretched ear lobe repair. I'm going to pay for it but I find the costs vary so from $350 to $900.... READ MORE

My Ear Lobe is Completly Ripped Open and Not Connected Anymore from Stretching my Ears? (photo)

How much is this going to cost to reconstruct to a normal earlobe? my ears were an inch and a half so if possible how much would it cost to do the... READ MORE

My Earlobes Are Old and Thin Instead of Plump. Can Autofat Be Used to Fatten Them?

The earring holes are elongated too because of the thinness of the lobe and use of course. If autologous fat were used to plump up the earlobes I... READ MORE

My ears are too thin what can I do? (photo)

Hello, my name is Ryan i have stretched my ear i got them upto 40mm but then the tunnels which was wooden dried out my ear and as i taken them out on... READ MORE

ear lobe stretching

My 13 yr old daughter tried to put gauges sz 14 in her ears 6 days ago. She only got them through the front. Will these go back to normal size. READ MORE

How can I prevent thin spots on my stretched ears? (photo)

I just ordered a kit to stretch my ears. I got them pierced when I was very young at a Walmart, and i think one is uneven and may result in a thin... READ MORE

Options for Stretched Ear Blowout Removal?

Hello, I've had my ears stretched for about 2 1/2 years now. When I first got to 1/2 I had a small blowout at the bottom of each lobe, and over time... READ MORE

How To Find an Experienced Surgeon to Repair Strechted Earlobes?

My son had his ears gauged about 4 years ago. they are quite large. He would now like them repaired and I need to find someone that has experience in... READ MORE

Weak Ear Lobe After Being Stretched 14mm?

Im at 14mm stretched ears i use tapersi tryd going to 16mm but it hurt too bad Nd was squishy sore throbbing and weak. I went down back to 14mm but it... READ MORE

Ear Lobe Reconsruction in Arizona for Stretched Ears

Ive had my ear lobes stretched for over 3 years and i would like to repair it. i would like to pay around $1000 and if you'll be able to leave... READ MORE

Can I Stretch out Lobes that Have Recently Been Repaired?

I had lobe surgery 4 months ago, I used to have one inch streached ears. I was wondering if I can stretch them out again.  READ MORE

How do I repair my earlobe whie keeping it stretched? (photo)

I'm not really worried about any deformation I just want to be able to keep my ears stretched. It started with an infection in my left ear, the cut... READ MORE

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