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How Much Does Earlobe Repair Cost on the East Coast?

If not split all the way, how much would it cost to have earlobe repair surgery in the East Coast (NJ, NY, Philly)? READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Repair Gauged Ears That Are Gauged at One Inch?

My boyfriends ears are gauges at a size one inch and they are pretty big holes and we are looking to get them repaired and were wondering how much an... READ MORE

Can I Pierce Torn Earlobe Without Repairing It? Maybe Above the Torn Part?

Can I Pierce Torn Earlobe Without Repairing It?  Maybe Above the Torn Part? READ MORE

Earlobe Repierce is not Working. Why?

I had my original pierce repaired. After healing, Doc repierced next to it (w/a contraption), which became infected, so I had to remove the earring.... READ MORE

Ear Lobe Reconsruction in Arizona for Stretched Ears

Ive had my ear lobes stretched for over 3 years and i would like to repair it. i would like to pay around $1000 and if you'll be able to leave... READ MORE

Can my earlobe be repaired with the skin I have left?

I want to know can my earlobe still be repaired if is like this or will I have to wait till its heel...been putting antibiotic ointment on it...Have... READ MORE

Any suggestion for someone to repair my earlobe. I have stretched lobes and my left ear has become dangerously thin. (photo)

I believe my problem is from stretching too quickly and not being completely up to date with knowledge on stretching ear lobes. My left ear is very... READ MORE

What is the going rate in CT for gauged ear repair? (photos)

I am looking to get my gauged ears repaired. The estimate I received here in CT was for $2500 minimum. That included both ears. I feel like this is a... READ MORE

How much will my ears shrink back (if any)? (Photo)

Currently my ears are at a 2g (or 6mm) and I wanted to go up a size to 0g (or 8mm), but I want to know if my ears will shrink any. If I leave my... READ MORE

My son has SSI disability & wants to repair his earlobes from gauges. Is there anyone in Arizona that does pro bono?

I s there anyone in Arizona that does pro bono to get his lobes back to normal? He took the gauges out but they hang down a couple of inches, and it... READ MORE

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