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What is the Average Cost of Repairing Gauged Ear Lobes?

I've had my ears gauged at 7/16in or 11mm for about 3-4 years now. I was wondering what the average cost for repair surgery runs around, and also... READ MORE

My Earlobes Are Stretched?

Hi, I had this earlobe allergy because of fantasy jewelry, my earlobe got really swollen and I notice after 3 days that it know looks stretched and... READ MORE

Affordable Plastic Surgeon in NYC for Torn Earlobe?

My daughter's earlobe was split due to an earring being snatched out of her ear. This happened about 2 years ago. I've prolonged searching for... READ MORE

My Earlobes Are Old and Thin Instead of Plump. Can Autofat Be Used to Fatten Them?

The earring holes are elongated too because of the thinness of the lobe and use of course. If autologous fat were used to plump up the earlobes I... READ MORE

ear lobe stretching

My 13 yr old daughter tried to put gauges sz 14 in her ears 6 days ago. She only got them through the front. Will these go back to normal size. READ MORE

Can my earlobe be repaired with the skin I have left?

I want to know can my earlobe still be repaired if is like this or will I have to wait till its heel...been putting antibiotic ointment on it...Have... READ MORE

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