Wrinkles + Dysport

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Correcting Uneven Eyebrows from Dysport

I am a newly qualified practitioner in aesthetic practice. My client has informed me that one eyebrow has gone slightly higher than the other. I... READ MORE

How Long Does Dysport Last for Wrinkles on the Forehead?

Can I have back to back Dysport procedures on my face? READ MORE

Can Azzalure Help with Face and Upper Lip Wrinkles?

I was a smoker. I am 61 and all of a sudden, I have these awful wrinkles around my top lip and side of my face. Can Azzalure help this? READ MORE

More Cheek Wrinkles After Dysport? (photo)

I had dysport injected into my crow's feet and below my eyes; now, when I smile, I have deep vertical wrinkles in my cheeks that I never had... READ MORE

How Do Dysport and Botox Formulas Differ in Their Effectiveness on Deep Forehead Wrinkles?

I'm assuming that botox work better on deep deep forehead wrinkles, is this true? Why? READ MORE

Dysport Gave Me Wrinkles, Will They Go Away?

My dr did a good job but still I have HATED the results of dysport. I hate not being able to be expressive with my eyes and I dont feel myself. Its... READ MORE

Dysport Overdose?

Hello again,iam still suffering from the dysport I have a qui would some one answer me iam 29 years old and I had dysport between my eyebrow and above... READ MORE

Can I Still Use Differin Cream As One of my Daily Care After Injecting Dysport? (photo)

Today, I went back for my Dysport touch-up 2 weeks after of injecting Dysport on the 10th Sept. The picture below was taken today. I told my doctor... READ MORE

Dysport two days ago- middle forehead lines are gone but new ones forming on right side. Will this stop?

Had dysport on forehead, crowsfeet, and lines between eyes 2 days ago, lines in middle of forehead are gone but seems that new one is forming on... READ MORE

Is there an issue with a Dysport injection in my forehead (for wrinkles) and having sinus complications?

I am seeing a Dr. for sinuses. Should I bring this up to them (about the Dysport)? And need to know is there is a relationship between this drug and... READ MORE

Should I try dysport into corrugators? (Photo)

Today I visited cosmetologist and asked her about dysport into my corrugators, she said she doesn't see any problem but I should talk to another... READ MORE

Intradermal Dysport injections for softening forehead wrinkles?

I've heard of intradermal injections of Dysport being used for facial rejuvenation. Will this type of injection technique help soften static wrinkles... READ MORE

How much would Dysport cost? (Photo)

Get rid of the deep wrinkle between my eyebrows and and wrinkles on the sides of my mouth. I look mad all the time. Do I need to do this just once.... READ MORE

How can I remove the Dysport in the lower eyelid?

Sorry for the bad English. A week ago, I was injected Dysport lower lid of the eye. Eyes look older, tired, wrinkles and more eyes will drop lower... READ MORE

Dysport/Restylane disaster!!! Is there any hope for correction-if not how common are long term affects?

9 days ago I had Dysport and Restylane done by a friend with a trainer helping in the following areas: D forehead crows feet under eye intradermal in... READ MORE

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