Dermatology Videos

Blue Light 101: The Doctor Demonstrates This Laser Treatment

Dr. David J. Myers walks us through the steps of a blue light treatment. VIEW NOW

Micro-Needling With Eclipse MicroPen — See How the Treatment Works on Acne Scars

Dr. Jason Emer uses the Eclipse MicroPen to treat this man's acne scars. See how it works. VIEW NOW

That's a Mole, Right? This Doctor Explains the ABCDEs of Skin Cancer

The sun shines in more places than you might expect, says Dr. Mitchell Schwartz. Learn the ABCDEs (yes, E!) of skin cancer. VIEW NOW

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"Our Faces Are Our Calling Cards" — Skincare Treatments That Will Help Put Your Best Face Forward

Dr. Amy V. Curtis wants her patients to walk away looking rested and refreshed. These are the anti-aging treatments she recommends. VIEW NOW

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Insider Skincare Secrets Direct From a Dermatologist: Watch Out For Sun!

Who better to ask for skincare advice than a dermatologist? Dr. Shala Fardin gives us some insider knowledge about picking products perfect for your skin type. VIEW NOW


Get Rid of My Dark Circles! Watch a Consultation From Beginning to End

Our very own RealSelf VIP undergoes a consultation on camera with Dr. Tina B. West. VIEW NOW

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Aging Gracefully: Tips and Tricks For a Holistic Skincare Approach

Less is more when it comes to your skincare, says Dr. Cynthia Yalowitz. Her suggestions include eating right, getting sleep, and a couple tips that may surprise you! VIEW NOW

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1 Big Tip to Getting a Natural Look: Be Open to Multiple Small Procedures

Having multiple small procedures is key to getting a natural look, says Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi. She explains her suggestion. VIEW NOW

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Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon? How Do You Pick Between These Two?

Dr. Peter Rullan describes the situations where a dermatologist might be your go-to rather than a plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

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Pigmentation, Broken Blood Vessels, and Wrinkles — Do This to Keep Sun Damage at Bay

Sun damage comes in many different forms but here are quick ways you can keep yourself safe, as detailed by Dr. Karyn Grossman. VIEW NOW

Making the Leap From Skincare to Surgery: When Do You Know the Time Is Right?

Dr. Shelley Halper explains how her patients typically know if plastic surgery is the right option for them. VIEW NOW

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What Do You Want Changed? Ask Yourself These Questions Before Your Consultation

Want a natural, well-rested look? Dr. Heidi Waldorf shares the top questions that can help consumers figure out what's right for them. VIEW NOW

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Men: The Little-Known Demographic Falling in Love With Dermatology

Men might not be what first comes to mind when thinking dermatology, but Dr. Terrence Keaney is seeing an uptick in interest from this demographic. VIEW NOW


Dermatology 101: The Most Common Internet Myths Debunked

Dr. Google has plenty of information and not all of it is sound. Dr. Beverly Johnson debunks the most common internet myths. VIEW NOW

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Find a Doctor Who Will Make You Look Natural — Here's Why It's Important

Finding a doctor can be a long process but here's why sticking with it pays off. Dr. Michele Grodberg explains why it's important to find a doc with your similar aesthetic. VIEW NOW