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Does Differin .03 Thin the Outer Layers of the Skin?

Hi, I am currently using differin gel 0.3%. Is it true this product thins the outer layer of the skin making one more susceptible to pitted scarring.... READ MORE

Thinning Skin in Hands, Arms and Thighs (Age 29)

Hi, I am 29 year old, and I need help in what to do with my thinning skin. My vein shows a lot in my hands do to the skin. they look like old lady... READ MORE

Thinning Skin Under the Eye/sagginess/wrinkles, What's the Best Thing To Use On My Skin?

The skin underneath my eyes is thinning and developing wrinkles quickly. What are the best ingredients in skin creams for this area and... READ MORE

Is there a solution for very dry, thin skin on legs? (photo)

Hello. I have a very dry and thin skin on my legs. I live in a humid tropical country, include vitamins and minerals in my diet and drink plenty of... READ MORE

Thinning Skin on Penis Glans from Steroid Use?

Dear Dr, A couple months ago I went to a physician for a tinea infection in the groin and penis area and he prescribed lotrisone. The steroid has... READ MORE

How to Treat This?

I am interested in how dermatologists treat patients that have experience over time a strange waxy look, thin skin, skin that looks crepelike and... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Money for Surgery for a 17 Year Old?

I have prematurely aging skin and I'm only 17. My forehead skin is really thin, and it is pushing my eyebrows down on my upper eyelids making them... READ MORE

Is there a cream I can use to thicken skin all over body, especially legs arms and chest?

My body skin has become thin .green veins are visible all over, especially on my legs. Is there any cream I can use to thicken my skin, and make the... READ MORE

Can my skin atrophy from Methylprednisolone be reversed?

Hi doctors ! im a 20 year old girl and i have problems with my skin. two years ago i had my first kidney transplant. one of my medicines,... READ MORE

My face gets swollen every time I shave, is there a dermatologic solution?

Some details: - It affects me a lot (I developed a severe Body Dysmorphic Disorder because of that) - It's not caused by allergy, but by a typical... READ MORE

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