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How to Reverse Wrinkles, Cracks or Scratches on the Face Caused by Tazorac?

Tazorac has caused wrinkles on my forehead, lines/cracks or scratches on my cheeks and chin. The lines are all horizontal. My dermatologist had me use... READ MORE

Should I Tan or NO?

I am african american...I am currently using prescriptions Duac,Tazorac, and Finacea on my face, back and chest. I have my acne under control with... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for this wart on my finger? (photos)

Treatmentill this wart want go away!!… using Imiquimod and Tazorac… and Nothing is working… Ive had a biopsy but all clear… READ MORE

Can Rosacea be a result of using retinoid?

I'm a medium/dark complexion Indian who has never had a sun burn or experience red skin until using tazorac (for acne) which I've not used for 2 yrs.... READ MORE

Can I Use Tazorac with Nu Derm System from Obagi. If So How Do I Use the Two Together?

Which is better Dr. perricone cold plasam or obaGI NU DERM? I am 64 years old and would like to incorporate either of the two with tazorac. How do I... READ MORE

Storage for Tazorac: Have I Stored it Correctly and is it Working?

Back in April, a dermatologist in Texas gave me samples of Tazorac .1%. The box says to store in temperatures between 23 degrees F - 86 degrees F.... READ MORE

Green Tea Moisturizer (Replenix Cream Plus) or SPF?

I went to see my dermatologist last week and she suggested that switch my SPF facial creme (Glytone) for Replenix Green Tea moisturiser because the... READ MORE

What face wash should I use while using Tazorac? My derm gave me Taz .5 & Taz .1. Taz .5 doesn't control my oily skin/breakouts.

She told me to use the Taz.1 nightly & switch between Taz .5 if my skin became dry. Both of them are gels. I am using clindamycin solution 1% 2X a... READ MORE

Possible Eye Contact with Tazorac?

Hello. A few days after using Tazorac cream under my eyes, my right appears smaller than usual, and markedly smaller than the left eye. The skin... READ MORE

Is Tazorac a good option for sebaceous hyperplasia?

I'm 60 yrs old, and have suffered from acne all my life. Although I'm post menopausal, I've still got very oily skin, and have increasing sebaceous... READ MORE

Can tazorac be used with sulfacet R?

I would use sulfacet during the day and tazorac at night. I have super oily skin so dryness wouldn't be a problem. I have been on tazorac for 6 weeks... READ MORE

I have dermatitis. What is the best way to treat this? Should I stop any current products that I use to treat my acne? (Photo)

I use a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide wash twice a day, aczone in am and tazorac in pm (doing this for past 3 years). I have been on Spiro for the past 10... READ MORE

I went to a Dermatologists office today, because I had 3 annoying bumps on my cheek for several years now. (photo)

I actually saw a PA and she told me that 1 of them is a mole and the other 2 are Enlarged Pore ducts. She gave me some samples of Tazorac gel .05% and... READ MORE

I have developed facial eczema from overuse of BP. Does this mean i can't use other topicals? (photos)

When i quit my regimen because of this, it cleared up on its own. My new derm said i should use minimal BP in the AM and atralin/tazorac on alternate... READ MORE

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