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Is There Any Way for the Swelling to Go Down on my Lip? (photo)

I had a little white bump on my lip and I squeezed it. Well now it's Swollen. It's on my lip so it's very noticeable. I'm convinced its milia because... READ MORE

The whole right side under my eye is swollen after a "zit" appeared on the side of my nose a few days ago? (photos)

Woke up one morning to what looked like a zit on the side of my nose, ignored it woke up the next morning to the whole right side of my eye (right... READ MORE

Red Bump on Face? (photo)

It hasn't gone away in months. It is bring red and it doesn't hurt. I had a pimple there a few months ago and it turned to a red swollen spot that... READ MORE

Swollen, Dry Eyelids And Eyelashes Falling Out. What's Going On?

Hello doctors, my eyelids have been swollen for a quite a while. they feel dry too if i put moisturizer on it, it gives me a headache or more like... READ MORE

I have a rash on my leg, what is it? (photo)

Hello, I have a rash on my left thigh and also on my left groin. As well as the rash, the glands in the area are very swollen. The rash is getting... READ MORE

I have a cyst/abscess on the rim of my anus (right side). Right butt is a little swollen. What treatment would you recommend?

June 22 it started to hurt. It burst June 28, it has been draining puss on its own for five days. Concern it won't leak inside my anus. But I want... READ MORE

Possible hemorrhoidal sore? (Photo)

Please help. Poss hemorrhoids. Just had a flare up where it hurt, swollen,red and irritated. I wiped w/med witch hzl wipes and didn't have cotton... READ MORE

Bumps on Lips? (photo)

I have these weird bumps on my lips that were first cold sores but went away then turned into black dots with white swollen around them.I have on on... READ MORE

Red spot on my nose. (Photo)

I had this blackhead on my nose 2 days ago and I tried popping it and it left a small red spot which is normal. But after a couple of days I've... READ MORE

What could this bite or bump on my butt cheek be from? (photo)

I have a bump or bite on my butt cheek. It is burning and extremely painful. It started as dime size and within 24 hours its the size of the palm of a... READ MORE

When Lips Get Extra Sensitive, Chapped and Swollen Sometimes, What's the Cause? Never Have Had a Procedure.

When lips get extra sensitive, chapped and swollen sometimes, what's up? all natural, never had any procedure. Even parts of my face and mouth are... READ MORE

How You Can Determinade if Your Baby Have Eczema? (photo)

When we were in costa rica and stayed there for almost 4 months my son who was 11 months in that time got like an allergy on his skin then he got red... READ MORE

Red, hot, swollen hands and bumps on fingers. What would cause this?

I also noticed little bumps on my fingers and hives on my neck. READ MORE

I've got bumps and I'm very red in between my butt cheeks. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm very red in between my butt checks and this spots. This doesn't burn it does itch bad. I also have spots on my labria. This is swollen a little. I... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for a pimple like bumps on my penis? (photos)

I had sex with my wife a week ago and it was rough that my penis had a bit of a crust and swollen and before it cleared the crust we had sex again and... READ MORE

Is a pimple like rash on the forehead an allergic reaction? (photos)

2 days ago a small breakout developed on the left side of my forehead. A few hrs later it worsened into a cluster of bumps. I did a course of accutane... READ MORE

My knee is getting worse? (photo)

On friday I was walking to work and tripped falling right onto my knee. When I got to work my whole leg was sore and I thought I was bleeding but nope... READ MORE

I have this bump on my head. It is painful, large, and swollen. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

It is painful its like a pimple but very large and swolen hard about the size of a quarter . What is it? Should i see a doctor? What should i put... READ MORE

What Do I Do About my Infection? (photo)

I think its poisan oak or ivy but it got infected and swollen real bad READ MORE

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