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Bad Sun Damage on Face. How to Regenerate Lost Collagen?

I spent a week in a sun and made the mistake of neglecting the sunscreen and hat. My facial skin looks really bad now; it feels rough and I can also... READ MORE

Can Lasers Treat Dermal PIH on the Upper Lip?

I have dermal PIH on my upper lip which is grey in appearance due to years of plucking and not wearing sun protection. Since bleaching creams will not... READ MORE

Are the small black dots on my face due to sun exposure? (photo)

I have noticed that I have developed some small black dots on my skin. I'm not sure what they are or if they are part of me. It just seems that with... READ MORE

Is Dermal Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation from Plucking Hair on the Upper Lip and Subsequent Sun Exposure Permanent?

I never wore sunscreen after hair removal and noticed it got much darker after sun exposure over the last 2 yrs. My derm confirmed it's dermal and... READ MORE

How Long After I Stop Using Hydroquinone Can I Go in the Sun?

I'm heading for a beach trip in late march, and the sun hours are very long so I was wondering how long before the trip should I stop my hydroquinone... READ MORE

I Had a Very Black Bruise, then Sunbathed . Its Still There (Greyish Now) After Two Months. Did the Sun Stop It Healing?

I Had a Very Black Bruise, then Sunbathed. Its Still There (Greyish Now) After Two Months. Did the Sun Stop It Healing? READ MORE

How Do I Treat Static Lines in Forehead (Only the Right Side) and is It Possible They Formed from One Summer of Too Much Sun?

I am tan from too much sun this summer and as a result, I've developed (or notice more) lines on my forehead, only on the right side (the left side... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing for Dark Sun Tan Skinned Areas?

So after being so long under the sun's exposure for years during its hottest due to work, with no sunscreen, i have developed dark sun tan exposed... READ MORE

I Have Crepey Skin on my Legs, I'm a Teenager, is There Anything I Can Do? Why is It Like That when I'm So Young?

I'm a skinny teenage girl, I sunbathed a lot and sometimes burnt. Just before summer, I went on the sun-bed about 10-15 times for no more than 10... READ MORE

How do I get rid of open pores and dark spots?

I being wanting to do a peeling but my doctor told me i have to be really careful with my skin after like avoiding the sun and using sunscreen My... READ MORE

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