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How to Remove Black Spots from Allergic Reaction?

I have black raised (some) spots on my hands and arms, and black spots on my legs from an allergic reaction to Nickle. Therefore I am always covering... READ MORE

Are There Any Callous Removal Liquids for the Face?

I have a persistent 'spot'. It never heals - well currently it it is hard and white, pertruding from the corner of my mouth and I hate it. The... READ MORE

Milia or Syringoma? (photo)

I have small spots under my eyes, which seem to be multiplying. Are they Milia or Syringoma? I am struggling to find eye serums and creams suitable... READ MORE

How to Find an Experienced Dermatologist Who Can Help Me!

I've seen a dermatologist for bilateral spots on the bridge of my nose-the MD thinks it's xanthelasma but, they are not raised and I'm in... READ MORE

I am not sure if these are genital warts or not? (Photo)

The skin isnt raised but the spots are black and a little rough, on my left vagina crease READ MORE

What Are These Red/brown Dots on my Legs & Arms? (photo)

I have these red/brownish dots on my legs and in the last year or two it's become WAY more noticeable. I also have it on my arms, but not nearly as... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of the Black Dots on my Legs? (photo)

I have dark skin and I have those dark spots on my thighs at the hair follicles (strawberry legs or open comedones). I have tried waxing, but they are... READ MORE

How to Remove Red Spots on Upper Legs?

How can I remove red spots (infected and inflamed) that are mostly located on the upper part of my legs? I have very sensitive and keloid-prone skin. READ MORE

Treatment for Red Lesions on Back?

Dear Doctors, I am a 25 year old hispanic male, 176lbs. and 5'11. I have always had a problem with these red lesions on my back. They are not... READ MORE

How Get Rid of KP Spots?

I had keratosis pilaris for all my life..and now the bumps already gone but the brown spots still on my legs and thighs... Can i use dermaroller to... READ MORE

I Am Having Pimples, Open Pore, Hairs & Spots on my Face? (photo)

I am 25 yrs old, fair colour and having pimples since 2004 and open pore,hairs& spots on my face. i also have pimples on my back. I have taken... READ MORE

What is This and How Do I Get Rid of It? (photo)

I have these very painful saw spots around my anus. They secrete a liquid that really smells! HELP! READ MORE

Unknown Rings / Spots Resistant to Diflucan & Cream. What Will Work? Desperate. (photo)

I have had these spots / circles around my anal region, up the sides of my outer labia, one on my hip & one under my right breast. I have taken... READ MORE

Spots appeared in genital area. What could they be? (photo)

. These spots have appeared in my genital area. There are also smaller ones on my penis. I have been faithful to my wife and have had only one sexual... READ MORE

Why Do I Get a Really Bad Crop of Spots when I Have Facial Waxing?

Why Do I Get a Really Bad Crop of Spots when I Have Facial Waxing?  READ MORE

What can these black spot means on my penis? (photo)

Recently i notice these black spots on my penis. They dont hurt, it dont itch, and doesnt bother me all but i am worry can u please help READ MORE

I Need Help, I Am 35 with Spots on my Face. I Am Tired of Wearing Foundation Because I Have To?

I am African American, I have dark spots on my face that I would like to remove. I have tried everything but I cannot get rid of them. I was wondering... READ MORE

Is Abdomen Imaging Effective?

Should I get abdomen imaging if there are spots I've never seen before? READ MORE

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