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How Do I Get Rid of Chicken-like Skin?

I have permanent goose-bumps all over my body.What creams can i use to get smooth skin? READ MORE

How Can Teens Prevent Aging?

I'm 19, residing in Seattle, and want to be proactive in preventative care. What is a good regime to follow? What products should I use? Thank you... READ MORE

Can I Tell the Dermatologist What Skin Care Line I Want to Use and Have Them Help Me Through It?

The derm I want to see doesnt sell the Obagi Nu-Derm line but I've done my research and want to use it and have the derm help me through the whole... READ MORE

I Have a Really Tiny Black Coloured Skin Tag-like Growth on my Right Side Nipple Causing Sharp Stinging Pain. What is it?

I am a 23 year old female weighing 49 kgs and a height of 155 cms. I normally have a 32 day menstrual cycle and its nearly time i got my period this... READ MORE

Would Like to Wear Less Makeup, but I Have Dark Circles and Loose Skin Around My Eyes? (photo)

I want to wear less makeup b/c I hate wearing it, but I feel self conscious because I have dark circles & the skin around my eyes is getting a bit... READ MORE

What Are The Best Options To Restore Youthful Glow To 28 Year Old Male, Indian Decent?

I've noticed from photos I'm looking noticeably older than a few months ago (poor diet and sleep maybe - I've improved on this). I'm... READ MORE

Is There Any Skin Care Line That You Recommend As the Most Effective?

I have heard that the Dr. Sebagh line is very good. READ MORE

In what order should I use my skin care products: Hydroquinone, Retin A and Acne Medication?

I suffer from acne and my skin is pretty much cleared up. I have minor red bumps and pimples that go away within a day now. I had some deep pimples... READ MORE

What are these bumps located at the base of my penis and pubic area? (photo)

These seem to be spreading and I'm concerned. I have been tested for STDs and everything came back negative, but I am confused. How do I get rid of... READ MORE

10 days after Rejuvinize Peel by Skinmedica brand, my skin is very dry, flaky and looks tired. Is this normal?

I have acne little scaring around my mouth on both sides when i smile, im on philosophy brand n didnt get lot of acne anymore. So i did my first... READ MORE

What should be my skin care regimen be while on Isotretinoin?

I am on low-dose isotretinoin therapy for almost 2 months now. Since I started, I shifted to a mild cleanser, mild toner (AM)/ clindamycin toner (PM),... READ MORE

Why Are My Cheeks More Sensitive Than The Rest Of My Face?

When ever i put products on my face or get a facial my cheeks always get a stinging and burning sensation READ MORE

Can anyone recommend a Skin Care regimin for Keratosis Pilaris on Face?

HI. I have recently developed KP on my cheeks(although I have had it on my upper arms my whole life). Mind you it is very mild but is still a bother... READ MORE

Does L+FE LINE skin care line work?

Does L+FE LINE skin care line work? It advertises itself as the 'only skin care line that is based on human parthenogenetic stem cells, which can... READ MORE

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