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Should I Shave or Cut out an Intradermal Nevus Between my Lip and my Nose? (photo)

It's just under 1/4 inch wide, flesh colored and been there for 25 years. Several surgeons say cut it out, other surgeons say shave because of... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Open Comedones on Legs by Rapid Shaving? (photo)

I am having dark spots ( strawberry legs) techinally called as open comedones on my legs caused by rapid shaving of i can get rid of these... READ MORE

How Come when I Shave my Face I Get a Green Tint/shade? How Can I Get Rid of This?

I'm 18 years old and I have thick hair, when I shave I get this green tint/shadow. How do I get rid of this? READ MORE

Is Upper Lip Hyperpigmentation Caused by Shaving Followed by Sun Permanent? (photo)

Over a year ago, I shaved my upper lip a bit too thoroughly during my morning shower, went down to the pool and laid out/ went swimming. I was outside... READ MORE

What are these white pimples around the vagaina, how do you cure them? (photo)

How can I prevent this happening if shaving has caused it, how do I get rid of them? READ MORE

My Skin Started Peeling and Became Reddish After Applying Dettol Three Times. What is the Problem?

Two days before,i have applied dettol on my skin after my shave,,,,,i have applied dettol three times,today my skin started peeling and became reddish... READ MORE

Are these razor bumps or a allergic reaction? (photo)

I started shaving and then 2 weeks after the surface started to itch real bad. There is no odor. After scratching i started to feel little bumps. I... READ MORE

Is this herpes? Or any other STD? (photo)

I've only had 2 partners in my life. I did have unprotected sex with both. I haven't had sex in the past 2 months. It has been itchy in the area I'm... READ MORE

What Are These Bumps?! (photo)

I have been getting this cyst-like bumps between my legs, around my genitals and on my perineum for a little over a year. I used to think they were... READ MORE

My upper lip is whiter than the rest of my face, is there anyway to return my skin back to it's normal color? (photo)

Hello, I used to shave my upper lip when I was in the shower almost everyday and then would wash my face with Neutrogena clear pore cleanser (which at... READ MORE

My face gets swollen every time I shave, is there a dermatologic solution?

Some details: - It affects me a lot (I developed a severe Body Dysmorphic Disorder because of that) - It's not caused by allergy, but by a typical... READ MORE

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