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Removing or Lightening Freckles

I am undergoing cancer treatment and I believe the chemo I take is making my freckles become more prominent. My skin has really been sensitive and I... READ MORE

I have VERY sensitive, loose, and problematic skin. What can I do? I'm only 18 and I feel so aged! (Photo)

My skin is very sensitive to sun, medication, etc. I have extreme discoloration, redness, it's very loose, and I have tiny tears it seems in between... READ MORE

There is a little black bump on the shoulder, slightly elevated. Should I be concern? (photo)

My mom's skin is very sensitive to the sun and I am just wondering if this spot is worrisome or if it's just a mole. READ MORE

Will the use of Fluocinolone on facial skin for 10 days cause harm, skin thinning or heightened redness?

I had a nerve injury from laser hair removal but at the time I was not aware what was causing the pain. I went to see a Dermatologist initially & he... READ MORE

How important is it for racial/ethnic minorities to see a dermatologist experienced with that racial/ethnic skin type?

I'm of Chinese and Taiwanese descent. Here in Semi-Podunk Alabama, there aren't many East Asian people, so the dermatologists probably don't have much... READ MORE

My Typically Clear Face Is Breaking Out In A Rash- Itching, Sensitive. What Can I Fo?

Good day, My face started having like rash and became dry itching sensitive when exposed to heat. Even I used Vaseline it just last only minutes.... READ MORE

Am Using Obagi Cream 4 Face & Body- Skin Became Fair but Red & Sensitive- Options?

M using obagi day night treatment since two months , its looks good but redish n sensitive, my skin cut n bood come out easely. i have little crow... READ MORE

Hydrapeel Vs Hydrafacial?

Hello! I am looking to purchase a series of treatments. I noticed two different treatments available at my derm office. The hydrapeel and hydrafacial.... READ MORE

Options to Lessen Redness on Face? (photo)

Hi, im 19 years old and very obssessed and vain on my physical appearance .. for the following weeks i had an acne and i started the healing process... READ MORE

Does This Sound Like Foliculitus?

Small red lumps on the body, extremely sensitive to touch. Current sufferer of eczema. Problem began when hair began to grow much thicker on my body. READ MORE

When Lips Get Extra Sensitive, Chapped and Swollen Sometimes, What's the Cause? Never Have Had a Procedure.

When lips get extra sensitive, chapped and swollen sometimes, what's up? all natural, never had any procedure. Even parts of my face and mouth are... READ MORE

Skin Toning For Less Visible Veins?

My friend is 39 year old her skin is very sensitive and she has veins. Whenever she uses any skin care product that tones her. Her veins will be more... READ MORE

Can I use a Retinoid and/or AHAs if I have sensitive skin and Eczema?

I have sensitive skin and eczema on my forehead, one eyelid, and one cheek. A mild prescription hydrocortisone didn't help. Then the doctor gave me... READ MORE

What is the best moisturizing cream for sensitive skin under my eyes?

I am 20 years old and the skin under one of my eyes is extremely sensitive and a little red. I have developed a fine diagonal line that I think is... READ MORE

Is it possible to get sensitive irritated skin from overexfolation with out a visible rash? (photos)

Was using salicylic 2% toner with mandelic acid serum 10%. And it has been sensitive for two weeks. My face got extremely sensitive to everything even... READ MORE

How to deal with skin allergy?

I try many method still cant recover my face.. how to deal with allegic face.. i been do some research like the cause of face sensitive.. one of the... READ MORE

I have skin sensitivity issue since 3 months after I had mild allergic reaction to a product.What treatment would you recommend?

Hi I had allergic reaction to a serum containig lactic acid , derm give me desonide 0.5 cream , I used it no more than 5 days , since then I have... READ MORE

If you please, can you figure out what is on my chest and is there a way to cure it?

On my chest is red bumps all together and its spreaded, they are also very sensitive. READ MORE

What should I do to reduce these brown spots on my face. My skin is very dry and sensitive. (photo)

Hi I am 21 year old in ma face are brown spots like the photo I want you to give me an advice what should I do to reduce these spots ma skin is very... READ MORE

How quickly can you get rid of bug bite marks on the legs? (photos)

Hi I'm 13 and I've been having these marks for 3 years and I've been using melquin hp 4% cream daily for a year now and I still see no difference. I... READ MORE

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