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How Do I Remove a Black Spot from my Bottom Lip?

I am a smoker and currentley working on stopping. About 10 months ago i got a burn on my lip and the spot turned black attached is a photo so you can... READ MORE

Should I go to a Dermatologist or Urologist to remove two pea-sized epidermoid cysts from my scrotum? (photo)

I have two pea sized cysts on my scrotum, and I would like to know how much it would cost to have them removed before going to the doctor. They are a... READ MORE

Treatment and Cost to Remove Freckles on Face?

Tell Me Where I Can Get Treatment for my Freckles and What Cost Will It Take? all freckles are just on my face. they are increasing day by day some... READ MORE

Can DFSP Present Itself As a Smooth Lump Filled with Pearly Nodules?

I have a lump like this on the lower part of the ring finger.I had something similar removed 18yrs ago with a wide exsion and removal web space... READ MORE

Had this on my scalp since i was about 10, tried freeze off but it comes back. What is it? (Photo)

What is this can i get it removed and not have it come back and how much would that cost its about 1 cm and stick up off my scalp. READ MORE

What are these flesh-colored bumps and how can I get rid of them? (photos)

I've had these tiny flesh-colored bumps around my chin, under my lip, for over 3 years now and I've tried to extract them, of the few that were able... READ MORE

Wart Remover On Daughter's Face and Now it's Purple?

Hi i applied w wart removal on my daughter face wich i was not suppose to do not paying attention to the direction and now part of her face is purple... READ MORE

Bumps on chin that will not go away. What are they and how can I get rid of them? (Photo)

I have had several small bumps on my chin for over 10 years now. A few dermatologists have taken a look but could not determine what they were. A... READ MORE

How do I remove acne scars from my face?

Aoa sir my age is 24,i had acne problem than i talk to a skin specialist.he give me some drugs 1.Arynoin(Isotretinoin)Capsules 2... READ MORE

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Red Spot?

I recently had a sebaceous hyperplasia removed from my face. I have a little red spot where it was removed. It will be three weeks on Monday January... READ MORE

How to Remove Sun-tan Caused by Years Under the Sun?

I have a fair body-hands and even partly neck. but my face 2-3 shades darken.because I live in a hot climate and while I always really care about... READ MORE

I Had a Sebaceous Cyst Removed on my Chin Today and Now There is a Bump Under my Stitches. Is This Another Cyst or Normal?

I had a sebaceous cyst on my chin removed today surgically. He removed the entire cyst. I noticed just now that on the left side of my stitches, under... READ MORE

I had a spot and it has turned into a hard skin lump like a mole. Can I get it removed?

I had a spot on my throat and it popped then has turned into a hard skin lump like a mole I catch it when I shave can I get it removed It keeps... READ MORE

Risk And Chance Of Scarring For Removal Of Growth Wart on the Lip?

At first it looked like a spot on the top part of the lip but after a week it has grown quite big and looks like a wart. we have been to the doctors... READ MORE

Bumps on Face. Dermatologist Said They Are Benign, but How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

I have flesh-colored small bumps on my face (one on forehead, several just below cheeks. Dermatologist said they were benign, but only to her. They... READ MORE

30yr Old - Have Hemangioma on my Scalp That is Not Visible. Does It Need to Come Off?

I've had a Hemangioma (1inch) on my scalp since I was a baby... and never thought much of it because my hair covers it nicely. My normal dermatologist... READ MORE

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