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Best Treatment for Pores on my Nose

Hi,Im 25 years old when i was younger I use to squeeze out all my black and white heads. Now i have alot of open pores on my nose,they are not huge... READ MORE

I Have a Pore on my Nose That Will Not Stop Bleeding. Help? (photo)

I have a pore on the left side of my nose that is enlarged and will not stop bleeding. Even if I let it heal for over a week, when the scab comes off... READ MORE

How to reduce / repair large pores on my nose? (photos)

I'm 38 years old and after many years of abusing my skin on my nose (squeezing, sun damage & genetics) it has very large pores which have hundreds of... READ MORE

Aloe Vera Good for Small Scars and Shrink Your Pores?

For the past year i have done about 4 glycolic peels from 30 to 70% the last time i did it was 3 months ago and i still have some scars left so im... READ MORE

What Are These Things Stuck in the Pores of my Nose and Forehead? (photo)

I have very oily skin and these things get stuck in my pores. They sometimes come out after I was my face, but are back by the next day. I rarely ever... READ MORE

How to Remove Pores?

My friend is a 42 year old mother, when she was young she had a lot of facial appointments. This had a side effect which made her face uneven in... READ MORE

Are these acne scars on my face or just open pores or my skin healing? (photo)

I had seborrhea dermatitis on my face for about 2 or 3 months i had very heavy crusting then i got it treated and it all came off within a matter of... READ MORE

Can someone help me with red face, large pores and brown spots? Using OBAGI -C clarifying serum and it help a little. (photo)

Hi I have brown spots as well as red area's and large pores. I am using using OBAGI -C clarifying serum. Helps a little. Does the OBAGI -C contain... READ MORE

I'm 22 yr old female with facial puffiness, enlarged pores, and hyper pigmentation. Can I fix this? (photos)

About 2 year ago I tried to person a chemical peel on myself. I messed up my skin. I had really bad hyperpigmrntation. It's still dark but now I have... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Sebaceous Filaments Effectively?

The pores on my nose are always clogged and filled with sebaceous filaments. I relieve the pores after my shower in the morning every day, but before... READ MORE

Why do the pores on nose produce so much oil?

I have a lot of tiny little pores on my nose and oil is constantly coming out of them so it makes my nose oily and shiny. I scrub my face with soap... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Tighten Pores Permanently?

I seem to have stubborn pores that are so responsive to the environment that I am in. When I get exposed to a hot and dusty and smoggy environment I... READ MORE

Cleanser I Can Use to Promote Healing but Prevent Sebum Plugs?

I've had 2 scar revision on both creases of nose due to very large pores created by sebum plugs in the crease during healing process. I'm... READ MORE

Please Give Me Advice on my Forehead Scars/pores/blackheads? (photo)

As you can see, I am still struggling with what appears to be large pores/blackheads/scarred or pitted scars, I have no idea what they are. I also... READ MORE

I Am Having Pimples, Open Pore, Hairs & Spots on my Face? (photo)

I am 25 yrs old, fair colour and having pimples since 2004 and open pore,hairs& spots on my face. i also have pimples on my back. I have taken... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Skin? (photo)

I've had this problem with my skin for so long but I just dont know what the problem is? I have no spots, but when I look at my cheeks there seems to... READ MORE

Is the scarring bad after Dilated Winer Pore Surgery? (photo)

Hi there, I have this awful dilated pore on my cheek. I know there is a type of surgery available where they can "punch" it out, but it involves... READ MORE

​ ​I got a mild sunburn, huge pores, flaky, blotchy, burning feeling on my facial skin. What treatment would I need to do?

I really messed up my skin. I ran out of my normal face wash and in a pinch used my wifes 10% benzoyl peroxide wash. On top of that I used her... READ MORE

Pores Appeared on my Nose and I Never Got Any Because I over Cleaned It with Sticky Plasters.. Will It Recover? (photo)

I never had pores on my nose but I made a mistake by over cleaning with sticky plasters many many times I removed almost all skin layers except the... READ MORE

What will best remove chicken pox marks, Ice pick scars, and large pores?

I've had laser genesis, 3 VI peels, and I've considered Fraxel, TCA Cross, fillers and subcision... I'm just wondering if there is a way I may just... READ MORE

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