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I woke up and half of my upper lip was swollen. What is causing it? (Photo)

I thought it could be sun poisoning, since I just got back from the beach. Im not allergic to anything. READ MORE

Pimple on my Penis for 3 Months: What Could it be? (Photo)

I have had this for about 3 months and it won't go away. I have no idea what it is and it's worrying me. Please help. READ MORE

What are these have pimples in my penis? I am so worried. (Photo)

Whats that I am so worried I need answer please . thanks READ MORE

What are these bumps on my penis head and inside of my foreskin? (photos)

I have been with my girlfriend for nearly two months now and we have been having unprotected sex since we have been together.. Everything has been... READ MORE

hey i want to know if this is a sign of an std or any transmitted disease? (photo)

Im young and not usually sexually actice i recently had sex 5 days ago and i started getting these weird thibgs im really scared and trying to find... READ MORE

What do you think these are on my penis area? (Photo)

Genital warts?herpes?skin tags? shaving bumps/skin irritation? READ MORE

I have weird dark spots/dots on my legs. How do I get rid of them? (photo)

I usually get dark spots/dots after I shave/wax my legs. Sometimes when I squeeze the dot, a tiny hair comes out of it. READ MORE

I am not sure if these are genital warts or not? (Photo)

The skin isnt raised but the spots are black and a little rough, on my left vagina crease READ MORE

Why do I have dark brown lines multiple more or less uniform on the dorsum of my penis? (Photo)

I have had few of them since a long time but recently they have increased in number..I'm currently on 1 mg finasteride od and 1 ml topical minoxidil... READ MORE

I found one blister near my clit, it is small and white. Is this herpes? (Photo)

I found one blister near my clit, it is small and white. It is quite painful and it is starting to look like a ulcer, it also has ragged edges. It... READ MORE

Possible Cyst on scrotum? Cost to remove? (Photo)

One year ago, I removed what I thought to be an ingrown hair from the center of this growth. The lighter circular area on the bottom-right corner of... READ MORE

A little red mark on the skin under my eye appeared overnight? Is this broken blood vessels? (photo)

I woke up and noticed this little red spot under the skin under my eye. I have looked on the web about it and think it could be just a broken blood... READ MORE

What is causing these small white bumps near my urethral opening? (Photo)

I also have white bumps on my foreskin, penis shaft and under my penis head. I had this checked and they were normal skin variations. But i'm starting... READ MORE

I have a bumpy type rash on my vagina (Photo)

The bumps/ rash itch occasionally but for the most part they haven't been a bother. I was itching at one point in time to the point where my clitoris... READ MORE

How can I treat this burn from apple cider vinegar on my face? (photo)

I read that acv is very effective for removing moles and dark spots. I decided to apply it with a qtip, undiluted, for an hour on my age spots. I... READ MORE

I would like to know how i could make this pimple go away? (Photo)

Hello, i have got this pimple on my penis for months now, it just doesnt seem to go away. I have tried popping it but it i keep trying to... READ MORE

Swollen area on one side of penis head, small bumps under rim and vein on penis seems swollen (Photo)

Hello I have a swollen area around the head of my penis. It has been this way for about 4 days. There are also very small bumps underneath the rim. READ MORE

Small red bump on penis head - What is it? (Photo)

Hello doctor I have had this on my penis for about 3 weeks now. I have not treated it with anything but some days it'll be very faint and some day... READ MORE

What is a safe treatment for hyperpigmentation spots on my penis from trichloric acid treatments. (Photo)

I have hypopigmentation spots on my penis from trichloric acid treatments. I am now left with a spotted penis. I've asked a few dermatologists about... READ MORE

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