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Which Treatment is Best for a Young, Caucasian Male with Poikiloderma?

I am a 20 year old Caucasian with poikiloderma on my neck and upper chest. It is not THAT bad typically but gets very noticeable when I am active or... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries & Red on Brown Neck and Face Spots?

I have a few small, (1/2 inch) very stubborn broken capitularies in my face that have been treated by many different kinds of lasers, from Doctors... READ MORE

Daughter Has Small Lump On Her Neck? (photo)

My daughter has a small (4mm) lump n her neck. It started as what I thought was a white head (spot), but over time it has grown. It has always been... READ MORE

Skin Looks Like Raw Chicken

A patch of skin on my neck started to look like raw chicken skin. Wasn't like a rash. It spread around my neck, at night when I laid put my head on a... READ MORE

Is There a Treatment for Cutis Rhomboidalis Nuchae (Leathery Neck Skin)?

I am 50 and I am starting to get a minor to moderate condition of what looks like cutis rhomboidalis nuchae on the back and lower sides of my neck.... READ MORE

Can Anybody Tell Me What's Wrong with my Skin? (photo)

This year I found there are many red pinpoint spot in my arm, I found some in my neck and leg, I'm worried, it's flat, and just red pinpoint spot like... READ MORE

Small Bump on Neck? (photo)

Bump on my neck...went to ent...told me thyroglossal duct cyst. A few weeks have passed and the bump appears to be changing. Its marble sized lump now... READ MORE

I have these odd semi-dark circles near my chest area and on my neck. Should I be worried? (photos)

This is where it gets weird.....I also have in my pubic area two are connected and one is closer to my right thigh. Should I be worried and is this... READ MORE

What is the cause of these discolored spots that are appearing on my body? (photo)

What are these Tan colored spots? I first noticed I had a few spots on the back of my neck about two years ago. Since then they have spread from my... READ MORE

I'm a redhead, w/ poikiloderma of civatte on my neck & chest, which I'd like to have treated. What are my best options? (photo)

I'm 45. It just became prominent this year. I'm feeling really self-conscious about it. (I had a lot of fun in my 20s outdoors; I can't regret that... READ MORE

My daughter has about 25 bumps on her neck, under arms, and back. Any idea what these are? (photos)

My daughter has about 25 of these bumps on neck, under arms and back - some above hair line on neck. The bumps are fairly hard and don't have watery... READ MORE

Treatment for Acanthosis Nigricans After Underlying Problem Has Been Dealt With?

In the past six months I lost a great deal of weight, and was able to pull myself out of being diabetic with a great change in diet. Unfortunately, I... READ MORE

Red spot on back of my neck for 2 days has grown increasingly sore, feels like a zit w/ fluid, but it's not. What is it? (photo)

It doesn't appear to have grown in size, but it has started impacting my entire neck, which is now sore. Any thoughts on what it might be? There is no... READ MORE

I had this red itchy dry patch appear on the left side of my neck 2 weeks ago. Can anyone help me out to identify this? (photo)

I've look online about that possibilities of it being a rash, bug bite, eczema, Lyme disease, etc. the closes it identifies itself with is a possible... READ MORE

Can Sternocleidomastoid Syndrome Be Associated with Painful/Numb Nodules in Neck and Shoulders?

Slight variations of left & right collarbone, but nodules cannot be seen, just felt.. I have a few very painful nodules in my neck, (middle of)... READ MORE

I have always had liver splashes but it's getting worse, especially on my arm, what can I use?

I'm African American I'm 22 and I got this from my dad it's all over my neck and my back I'm starting to think its cancerous. READ MORE

What are these small red bumps happening on my chest, stomach, neck and arms? They are not raised, but get irritated. (photos)

A couple days ago I noticed small red bumps on my chest and stomach. They itched just a bit by my neck. I also had 2 small red blotches on my right... READ MORE

Pink Bumps on Back of Neck? (photo)

I have had the same rash on the back of my neck since December. It began just a few pink bumps along the back of my hairline. This bumps were large,... READ MORE

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