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D├ęcolletage Damage, and Possible Solutions- Vancouver, BC and Area? (photo)

I am 29, born with fair skin. From 17-23 I used tanning beds. At 23, I stopped tanning outright. Among the moles, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and... READ MORE

Does a Irregular Black Mole Always Mean Melanoma?

My mom has this small black irregular mole on the side of her hand. Don't know how long its been there. It's irregular black that fades into brown... READ MORE

Could this mole be cancerous? (photo)

This has been on my lower leg for a while now and I also have a red lifted mole on my scalp near my hair line. READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a Mole and a Lentigo?

I'm absolutely confused how dermatologists clinically distinguish moles from lentigo and freckles. Much of my own research seems to indicate that true... READ MORE

Can moles develop overnight or could it be something more serious? It wasn't there yesterday.

I have what looks like a mole that developed overnight on the head of my penis. It doesn't look raised or inflamed and is not painful. READ MORE

I Have Some Sudden Redness Around a Mole. Should I Be Concerned? (photo)

This redness accrued about two weeks ago around a mole I've had for a long time on my forearm, I thought it was just dry skin and would clear up but... READ MORE

If a Derm Tells You to Watch a Specific Mole, How Long Must You Do So B4 You Can Relax a Little?

I know that you should keep watch monthly over your moles for any changes, but what about a specific mole? Is there any data about a time span when... READ MORE

Is This Hpv or a Mole? (photo)

Really concerned about what this is. Does this mean I have a wart caused by hpv? If so what should i do? READ MORE

I had a spot and it has turned into a hard skin lump like a mole. Can I get it removed?

I had a spot on my throat and it popped then has turned into a hard skin lump like a mole I catch it when I shave can I get it removed It keeps... READ MORE

Do u thin this a typical mole or melanoma? (photo)

Went to doctors as been coming out in a lot of moles.they checked me over and brought this mole to her attention.sure I've had it for 3years and... READ MORE

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