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What Are These Undereye Bumps? (photo)

I've always had these white/yellowish bumps under my eye. From researching online, I might guess that they are either milia or syringoma, but... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Eyelid Milia?

I have a small milli a on my upper lid and a larger one on the size of my eye. Ca Latisse be a contributing factor? READ MORE

Treatment for Cottage Cheese Skin on my Face?

I thought I'd found the answer but it doesn't really sound like what I have. I have a few milia, but the other thing that I was looking for is the... READ MORE

Can't Figure out Cause of Milia

I have only recently begun to get several tiny milia under eyes and on eyelids. Can't see why? Using hypoallergenic cream on eye area, not new.... READ MORE

What is the Procedure Like for Cauterizing Milia?

I'm currently in the 3rd month of Accutane and saw my dermatologist today. I asked him about a small bump under my eye that he called a Milia. He... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Millia and Get Flawless Makeup on Milia Skin?

Im 15 and have lot of milia on nose,chin,forehead&under eyes& some on cheeks& around mouth but not noticeble. After applying makeup,it... READ MORE

Triluma Cream for Under Eye Milia Useful?

I have milia under each eye that does not go away, can using Triluma cream help this? READ MORE

Is Milia Easy to Remove by a Dermatologist?

I have a few, small milia bumps by my eye (albeit not on eyelid thankfully). I want to see a dermatologist to get it extracted however want to know if... READ MORE

What is a Good Eye Cream for Milia Prone Skin?

Every eye cream or serum I've tried leaves milia around my lower eyelid area. Smaller amounts still cause milia. The milia usually goes away after... READ MORE

How to Remove Milia on the Inner Corner of my Upper Right Eyelid?

I've had it for a few years now. when I went to india two years ago, my eye started itching so I rubbed it and the Milia became swollen and grew to... READ MORE

I Have Got Black/brown Dots Under my Eyes After RF Treatment Done for Milia Under my Eye, is It Normal? (photo)

Hello, i'am 20 years old and i have been having trouble with dark circles and milia under my eyes ,i went to a cosmetologist and he suggested... READ MORE

Is This Milia or Syringoma? (photo)

Think I have Milia or Syringoma under my eyes. Which do you think please ? I am struggling to find products, the ones I am using are supposedly... READ MORE

Swelling After Milia Extraction

It's been 1 month, how can I get rid of 100% swelling after milia extraction from under the eye area. Its only 90% gone. Will it remain alwys... READ MORE

Calcified Facial Milia?

I have what I believe is Osteoma Cutis, unsightly, hard, little pimples that don't pop because they are anchored under the skin and are calcified.... READ MORE

What Mineral Make Up Dont Cause Acne and Milia?

Hi im 15 years old after using epiduo gel for 3 months i dont have more pimples but now i have milia,i dont know what to do with my skin,actually i... READ MORE

Syringoma vs. Milia? (photo)

Hi, Are these syringoma or milia? And is the red eyebag due to thinning of the skin? What are some treatments for these two concerns? Thank you ! READ MORE

Are These Syringomas, Milia, or Sebatious Glands? (photo)

I have these very tiny white bumps that almost look like chicken skin. From searching online I suspect that they are either milia, syringomas or just... READ MORE

Would Like to Wear Less Makeup, but I Have Dark Circles and Loose Skin Around My Eyes? (photo)

I want to wear less makeup b/c I hate wearing it, but I feel self conscious because I have dark circles & the skin around my eyes is getting a bit... READ MORE

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