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Thinning Skin on Penis Glans from Steroid Use?

Dear Dr, A couple months ago I went to a physician for a tinea infection in the groin and penis area and he prescribed lotrisone. The steroid has... READ MORE

I Have Very Bad Irritation on Penis Glands and Inside Urethra I Would Like Some Advice on my Next Steps I Should Take? (photo)

About 6 months ago I had unprotected sex with a female. 3 weeks later I had some irritation and maybe slight burning when I pee. I got 1 gram of... READ MORE

What is this, and how can I treat the irritated skin and bumps on my penis head?

I'm not sure whether it's a bump or irritated skin on the rim of my penis. I visited the hospital STD panel and urinalysis...referred to urologist who... READ MORE

Red Irritated Rash With Blemishes on Chin?

I have been experiencing a red irritated rash with blemishes on my chin for a long period of time. Just recently it has really become inflamed. I am... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Scrotum Skin Irritation?

I am 38 male here.I have a problem on scrotum skin irritation after a long term of using steroids creams for penile shaft.A dermatologist says it... READ MORE

Upper Lip /Plexiform Neurofibroma 5 Weeks Post-Op

I had this removed deeper in Upper Lip. Swelling is gone, lip is flat on outside with firmness remaining underneath lip. I know firmness can take... READ MORE

Possible Eye Contact with Tazorac?

Hello. A few days after using Tazorac cream under my eyes, my right appears smaller than usual, and markedly smaller than the left eye. The skin... READ MORE

Eyelid Protrusion? (photo)

My left eye is slightly red when I lack sleep and sometimes irritates me There is a little bump protruding out of the upper eyelid I do not know what... READ MORE

Possible hemorrhoidal sore? (Photo)

Please help. Poss hemorrhoids. Just had a flare up where it hurt, swollen,red and irritated. I wiped w/med witch hzl wipes and didn't have cotton... READ MORE

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