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What is this skin irritation I have on my foot, and how can it be treated? (photo)

I've had this skin irritation on my left foot for over 5 years and I don't know what it is. It's dry and itchy and it's only on my left foot. It went... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old, suffering with ringworm since 9 months. I'm very irritated. Any suggestions? (photos)

Doc at first time it had came like just a small ring type i did n't noticed then it become bigger and day by day then slowly after 1 month it was... READ MORE

Thinning Skin on Penis Glans from Steroid Use?

Dear Dr, A couple months ago I went to a physician for a tinea infection in the groin and penis area and he prescribed lotrisone. The steroid has... READ MORE

I Have Very Bad Irritation on Penis Glands and Inside Urethra I Would Like Some Advice on my Next Steps I Should Take? (photo)

About 6 months ago I had unprotected sex with a female. 3 weeks later I had some irritation and maybe slight burning when I pee. I got 1 gram of... READ MORE

What is this, and how can I treat the irritated skin and bumps on my penis head?

I'm not sure whether it's a bump or irritated skin on the rim of my penis. I visited the hospital STD panel and urinalysis...referred to urologist who... READ MORE

Red Irritated Rash With Blemishes on Chin?

I have been experiencing a red irritated rash with blemishes on my chin for a long period of time. Just recently it has really become inflamed. I am... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Scrotum Skin Irritation?

I am 38 male here.I have a problem on scrotum skin irritation after a long term of using steroids creams for penile shaft.A dermatologist says it... READ MORE

Upper Lip /Plexiform Neurofibroma 5 Weeks Post-Op

I had this removed deeper in Upper Lip. Swelling is gone, lip is flat on outside with firmness remaining underneath lip. I know firmness can take... READ MORE

What are these small red bumps happening on my chest, stomach, neck and arms? They are not raised, but get irritated. (photos)

A couple days ago I noticed small red bumps on my chest and stomach. They itched just a bit by my neck. I also had 2 small red blotches on my right... READ MORE

Possible hemorrhoidal sore? (Photo)

Please help. Poss hemorrhoids. Just had a flare up where it hurt, swollen,red and irritated. I wiped w/med witch hzl wipes and didn't have cotton... READ MORE

After using deodorant, my underarms gets irritated causing itchiness & bumps. Is using rubbing alcohol under the armpits unsafe?

I have used rubbing alcohol under the arms sometimes when the deodorant has irritated my underarms or I have gotten red itchy bumps. Is this unsafe? READ MORE

Eyelid Protrusion? (photo)

My left eye is slightly red when I lack sleep and sometimes irritates me There is a little bump protruding out of the upper eyelid I do not know what... READ MORE

How long does it take for irritation bumps to go away after using benzoyl peroxide on my face for dry skin?

I used a benzoyl peroxide treatment on my face a few days ago. Now I have a lot of tiny, flesh colored bumps just where I'd had dry skin (around my... READ MORE

What is causing my penis skin to get irritated? It's starting to leave a scar mark. (Photo)

It began to make mark from right from below the peehole then slowly began to grow 45 percent across my penis. It seems like if I masturbate it will... READ MORE

Strange flat sore like things on labia after shaving; what could it be? (Photo)

One is crater like and a tiny bit raised, as if bothered. the other is in a small, thin continuous line less than half an inch long and overall thin.... READ MORE

What is this weird ear bump like pimple? (photos)

I have this weird bump in my ear I think it might be an irritated pimple because I get black heads in my ear , so I tried popping it and all that came... READ MORE

What is this red patch of skin on my hand? It has been their since I was a child. I'm 27. Wart medicine irritates it (photo)

A weird red patch of skin on my hand. It has been their since I was a child. I'm 27 now. I tried wart medicine & it irritated it. I've gone to my... READ MORE

What is the soft, white bump on the rim of my eyelashes on left eye?

The white bump appeared a few weeks ago. No bleeding or itching. Was told to apply warm, damp cloth to it 3-4 times a day. Did it for a while - but... READ MORE

What are these bumps on my upper thigh? (photos)

These showed up 3 days ago. they seem to just irrtate me because i sit on them or my clothes are rubbing on them. first i believe their was one, then... READ MORE

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