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How to Speed Recovery from Callus Remover Used on Face?

I used a callus remover on my face last night and apparently gave myself a chemical burn. Is there anyway to speed the healing? I have a very red face... READ MORE

Are these acne scars on my face or just open pores or my skin healing? (photo)

I had seborrhea dermatitis on my face for about 2 or 3 months i had very heavy crusting then i got it treated and it all came off within a matter of... READ MORE

Indent from Electrodessication for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

I had some hyperplasia spots on my chin treated a week ago. All but the largest spot are healing normally. The largest one is still peeling/scabbing... READ MORE

Can You Get Cortisone Shots to Heal Cold Sores Faster?

This year, I've started getting severe cold sores frequently. I'm uninsured & can't afford generic Valtrex; Acyclovir only helps a little. Even... READ MORE

Will my lips heal after over exfoliating them?

As the question says / I exfoliated my lips for around 15 days straight because i thought i'd clean my skin , but instead i destroyed my life. I... READ MORE

Will This Raw Skin Patch Heal Properly?

I scratched the skin around a cyst and the skin is so delicate that it tore and now I am left with a round red raw patch of skin. I have been applying... READ MORE

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Red Spot?

I recently had a sebaceous hyperplasia removed from my face. I have a little red spot where it was removed. It will be three weeks on Monday January... READ MORE

How to Heal Scabs on my Nipples?

I have eczema and i itched my nipples and now they have scabs on them but they can heal because when the scab forms it just ends up getting pulled off... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Skin Depressions from Corticosone Injections to Heal?

I got a cortisone shot 6 days ago, and I can alrady see a depression around the area where the cyst/nodule was. It was a very recent cyst; I spotted... READ MORE

Healing a picked scab/wound. (photo)

I had a red bump on my face and I squeezed it and nothing came out but I hate having things on my face so I kept messing with it and now it's more red... READ MORE

I've had a scab on the top of my foot for a good 2 weeks now and it hasn't healed? (photo)

The scab hasn't changed at all if anything it's just gotten itchy and quite red, I have no idea where it came from and I'm just concerned, it's... READ MORE

Shingles Scar Forming on Upper Eyelid?

I had an outbreak of shingles about 40 days ago on my upper left eyelid. I took anti-virals, the scabbing, pain/itching is gone, but it's still red... READ MORE

I've used benzoyl peroxide to treat a pimple, the skin around it has turned white. Will this correct itself? What should I do?

I have been using this benzoyl peroxide medicine to help treat this pimple, and i noticed today that the skin around it has turned white, making it a... READ MORE

Red mark on nose from unclogging pores - will it ever go away? (Photo)

Two days ago I tried to remove the dirt in the pores of my nose by squeezing them. Everything seemed to be fine,'but the next morning I noticed an... READ MORE

Bit My Canker Sore and Healed Leaving White Skin? (photo)

I had a canker sore on my lip a couple weeks ago. I accidentally bit it causing a cut. Now it's healed but the skin where it was is white/silverish.... READ MORE

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