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One-year-old with Persistant Scalp Rash

Since birth my son had the normal cradle cap at about 3 months in went away. Since about 4 months old my son developed some papules on his scalp,... READ MORE

Herpes? Genital Warts? Papules? Yeast Infection? Or Any Other Skin Infection Non Std? (phoo)

Hi I have had this for about a year n a half and i have been told it was herpes, then a yeast infection, then genital warts by all different doctors.... READ MORE

Can You Get Folliculitis After Unprotected Sex? (photo)

Folliculitis started last Nov after unprotected sex, noticed 3 pus filled pockets (fishy smell) on public hair and 1 on penis. They were gone then... READ MORE

Diagnosis of Folliculitis on Chin? (photo)

Going on 6 months, I have an isolated patch of folliculitis on my chin measuring half an inch. On close inspection the area is made up of very small... READ MORE

Is Electrocautery Appropriate for Pseudo Folliculits? (photo)

I have developed some lesions on my neck (pics attached). The dermatologist disgnosed these as Pseudo Folliculits and recommended electrocautry. 1.... READ MORE

Nothing Will Clear my Folliculitis?

I have had chronic folliculitis for 8 years. It is on my buttocks, upper thighs, and groin area. I have been on many different medications for it over... READ MORE

Does This Sound Like Foliculitus?

Small red lumps on the body, extremely sensitive to touch. Current sufferer of eczema. Problem began when hair began to grow much thicker on my body. READ MORE

I Have Stubborn Folliculitis on my Chest. The Bumps Are Mostly Just Red and a Few Has a Very Small Pustule?

I have tried: 1. Aczone 2. Desonate 3. clendymicin 4. Panoxyl 5. Solodyn 6. Ketoconyzol 7. (A pill that begins with a "d" but I do not remember what... READ MORE

Is this folliculitis? (Photo)

Hi, I went to a spa 2 days ago and this morning I woke up to find these swollen red bumps in my groin. I'm a bit worried, I'll send a photo. Would... READ MORE

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