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What is the Safest and Most Effective Way to Remove Under Eye Syringoma?

I am a 39 year old woman and have severe under eye syringoma. I also have it on my forehead, temples. I started getting it when I was 10 years old.... READ MORE

My Pores Are Really Large and my Skin Thick. Can I Really Fix This?

Is there anything I can do about this? I'm becoming so self conscious. I have to load on the makeup to "fill" in the pores. Then they... READ MORE

Can Persistent Dark Circles Be Treated/improved?

I'm a 25 year old girl and have had persistent dark circles for about a decade. They're not just on my lower lid but on the entire area around... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Hidradenitis Supperativa

Since we are overseas my medical treatment all goes through a small family practice clinic on base. I have been dealing with HS off and on for three... READ MORE

Oily, Red, Sensitive Skin

Since 13 I have had pimples.I think it's normal at my age(now I'm 17)In winter my skin started to get oily.Before that,it was normal.Now I... READ MORE

Should I See a Hormone Specialist About my Extremely Oily Skin?

I must produce more Androgen hormones than any other 36-year-old woman on the planet, because I have extremely oily skin! It seems it has worsened as... READ MORE

Red spots on forehead NOT cancer - so what else could they be? (Photo)

Pimple on my forehead 6 months ago did not heal after 4-5 weeks and looked like actinic keratosis I'd had. Used unexpired Effudex for a week or 2, but... READ MORE

Cysts on Chest - Covered By Insurance?

I Have Like 8 Med/lg Cysts Running Down the Middle of my Chest and Like 30 Ingrown Hairs that need to be removed by a dermatologists. I want my... READ MORE

Are Tissue Fat Loss After Cortisone Injections Permanent or Will It Resolve Fill Itself in Eventualy

I had a small cyst between my breast more so to side of left breast. My MD injected some cortisone 2 weeks ago it seemed to make it slightly smaller... READ MORE

Advice for Post-op Laser Removal of Facial Mark

I Am 5 Weeks Post Op for Laser Removal of a Mark on my Face Under my Right Cheek. It is Bright Red and I Have Used the Following products; aquaphor,... READ MORE

Do I have acne or folliculitis? I've been in and out of dermatology offices but haven't found anything for my bumps. (photo)

I used to have nearly perfect skin. When I was 23 1/2 I developed bad acne and bumps. The past year and a half, I've tried clindomycin, epiduo,... READ MORE

Which Laser Resurfacing is Best for Pore Size Reduction, Acne and Fine Line Reduction for Woman in Her Early 30s? (photo)

I would like advice on which laser resurfacing therapy would be suitable for me.I am a 31 year old Caucasian woman with oily skin prone to acne on the... READ MORE

I'm a 17 year old Indian female. How can I get rid of the boils on my forehead and wrinkles / dark spot under my eyes? (photos)

I am a 17 year old Indian girl. I never really took care of my skin and now I have excess boils on my forehead , wrinkles and dark circles under my... READ MORE

Discolored Bikini Area - What Can I Do?

I started using hair removal cream and shaving my bikini and intimate area a few years ago. Because of this my bikini area has become very discoloured... READ MORE

Dark Lips - How Can I Make my Lips Pink or Red?

My lips are very dark .i do not smoke and i drink tea and coffee. i need to make my lips pink or red. i'm 24 years male from Srilanka. please give me... READ MORE

How Can I Treat Numerous Smooth White Spots That Have Started Appearing All Over My Body? (Photo)

This hypopigmentation is odd because the spots are not raised or indented but perfectly smooth/even with my skn. Dermatologist confirmed they are scar... READ MORE

Discoloration Around the Lips Caused by Vitiligo?

My mom (over 55) recently developed discoloration of lips with a dark ring around the lips. Could this be Vitiligo ? READ MORE

What is This? Mild Yeast Infection, No HPV, Is This Cancer? (photo)

25 year old female. I've been with my boyfriend for two years. Recently we noticed one small spot on the head of his penis that appeared to be dry... READ MORE

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