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Can a Pink Bottom Lip be Permanently Darkened?

I am black male and have pink bottom lip, is there any laser that can make it permanently darker? I know no medication can. I do not have a medical... READ MORE

Can a Nose Pimple, with Black Discoloration, Spread over the Nose Top? What Danger, if Any

My granddaughter had a pimple on one side of the nose and this caused a blackish discoloration. The pimple healed but the discoloration spread over a... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dark Marks Between my Legs Cause from Them Rubbing Together when I Was Overweight?

How to get rid of dark marks between my legs cause from them rubbing together when I was overweight? Please help, I have tried several creams, but non... READ MORE

What is this skin condition? What treatments can help or diminish this? (photos)

I have had darkened rough skin on my bikini line for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I remember having this.. It's only now that I'm... READ MORE

How can I darken my skin permanently?

I have light/medium light skin tone,I was wondering if there is any possible way for me to achieve a more dark olive-like skin tone permanently? READ MORE

I Am Worried About the Dark Brown Lines Running Longitudinally Along my Finger on my Right Hand? (photo)

This started out as a much darker and much thinner line on my finger about 13 years ago when I was 18. over time it has spread and changed in darkness... READ MORE

How Can I Darken my Complexion Slighty from Picture One to Picture Two? (photo)

I need help i know its not a bad thing to be light skinned but i want to permanentaly darken it slightly but not too dark. I would really appreciate... READ MORE

Three Weeks a Go I Noticed a Skin Discoloration on my Right Foot. It is Flat and Does Not Itch? (photo)

It only stung a little bit the first couple of days while taking a shower ( hot water). Also, for the first couple of days it was red, now it's darker... READ MORE

How do I get rid of PIH on my cheeks that Ive had for a year now? Can they still darken from the sun? Will they eventually fade?

I started accutane last year and was on it for six months. After my skin was pretty clear of zits but I was left with PIH. I used different creams in... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the appearance of my armpit area? (photos)

Used a product in the past for excessive sweating- burned armpit skin, darkening of skin, caused "chicken skin". And certainly didn't improve the skin... READ MORE

How to Treat Years of Skin Darkening Due to Sun Damage? (photo)

I have years of skin darkening due to sun damage. The areas which were exposed to sun had darkened more shades relative to the areas which were not.... READ MORE

I have red dots on my leg pores, they get darker, but they aren't there always,. They are smooth and not itchy. (photo)

I had 2session of laser, but i still have this problem ,and on lower leg it's worse than my thighs, and i don't know since when did i got them on my... READ MORE

how to lighten my darkened lips?

My lips started to darken when I started using braces when I was 9, and I did got some angular cheilitis in between my braces usage (9-16 years old) i... READ MORE

I have brown areas above and below my eyes. What can i do to correct it?

Could the blue reflective sunglasses i wear be reflecting the sunlight to the areas around my sunglassess. I spent 10 yrs in the military and another... READ MORE

Doctor, I have thick blackening in upper eyelid and little black in lower eyelid and over the nose for last 10 years. (photo)

I have thick blackening in upper eyelid and in lower eyelid and over the nose for last 8 to 10 years and little around month. i become very dull when... READ MORE

Are there any procedures that can make my skin tone even and slighly darker?

I have am an african american woman with dark spots I used skin lightener with hydroxitone on my face daily and now my face is way lighter then I... READ MORE

Darkness on my chin, do I need fillers? (photo)

I didn't always have this darkish chin, but its been a year and its not fading and I've tried exfoliating, lemon juice, almost everything to make it... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin? (photos)

I am a 26 year old male. My hands, feet and face are of a light skin complextion. But my body darkens to a brown skin complaextion as it approaches my... READ MORE

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