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How to Get Rid of Itchy Under Eye Bumps and Dark Circles

I have bumps under my eyes together with big dark circles. I want to get rid of the bumps because they're unsightly and itch. I have to wear glasses... READ MORE

Can Persistent Dark Circles Be Treated/improved?

I'm a 25 year old girl and have had persistent dark circles for about a decade. They're not just on my lower lid but on the entire area around... READ MORE

24 Year Old Male with Worsening Under Eye Skin and Wrinkles (Photo)

I've suffered since my early 20s with terrible, crepe-like under eye skin first starting with dark circles which I attempted to treat with Roc... READ MORE

I Have Got Black/brown Dots Under my Eyes After RF Treatment Done for Milia Under my Eye, is It Normal? (photo)

Hello, i'am 20 years old and i have been having trouble with dark circles and milia under my eyes ,i went to a cosmetologist and he suggested... READ MORE

Would Like to Wear Less Makeup, but I Have Dark Circles and Loose Skin Around My Eyes? (photo)

I want to wear less makeup b/c I hate wearing it, but I feel self conscious because I have dark circles & the skin around my eyes is getting a bit... READ MORE

Redness (Rash) on Upper and Lower Eyelids and Dark Circles (They Look Purple). What Are my Treatment Options? (photo)

For several years now I have had redness or what looks like a rash around my upper eyelids & lower eyelids. I also have dark circles under which... READ MORE

What to Do at Age 17 with Eye Hollows?

Under my eyes i have this circles (not wrinkles) but half circles. i tried putting potatoes under my eyes, aloe vera, and what not! i started getting... READ MORE

Does Bleach Help Lighten Brown-tinted Under Eye Circles?

I have had under eye circles since birth! The region is brownish with veins showing. I use industrial-strength makeup but it isn't always effective,... READ MORE

Getting rid of my acne and the dark around my eyes (photo)

Here is a picture of my visage. Please how can I get rid of my acne and the dark around my eyes. READ MORE

How do i get a big red mark off of my cheek from a small pimple that I had? (Photo)

The pimple was not big at all & overnight, it got bigger. I put toothpaste on it overnight & the pimple went down but now there is a huge dark circle. READ MORE

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