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Face is Darker Than Skin

My face is getting darker but my hand and legs are very very white. any suggestions? help needed !! READ MORE

Treatment Options for Dark Armpits?

This is gross, but my armpits are significantly darker than the rest of my body. I am dark skinned (think Halle Berry complexion) but my underarms are... READ MORE

I have dark patches on my knuckles and fingers. It has started peeling. What is on my hands and what should I do? (photos)

It's on both my hands and it's been there for about a week. Today the dark patches started to bubble as if it were a blister. I rubbed it and the skin... READ MORE

Loose, Dark Armpit Skin

Hi, i am 26 years old (Asian). Ive been waxing my full body since i was 13. for the past few years, my arm-pits look increasingly disgusting. the skin... READ MORE

Is this keratosis pilaris? (Photo)

I don't know if this is keratosis Polaris or just dark hair follicles. I have keratosis Polaris in my chest. On my legs it does not feel bumpy/ look... READ MORE

What can be done to rid my face of these dark patches on my cheek bones? It's darker in brighter light. (photos)

Ive had these patches for awhile since i was about 12 y/o they never bothered me until i hit adulthood and started wearing makeup and notice blending... READ MORE

Treatment or Creams to Lighten Dark Lips?

My lips are very dark especially on my upper lips. My lower lips is somewhat reddish with dark lining. Is there any treatments, topical creams, or... READ MORE

Dark Lips - How Can I Make my Lips Pink or Red?

My lips are very dark .i do not smoke and i drink tea and coffee. i need to make my lips pink or red. i'm 24 years male from Srilanka. please give me... READ MORE

Black Thing Under Skin Beneath Belly Button. What is It Really? (photo)

I am rather concerned as for the past 3 months I have had a small black thing beneath my skin just below the bellybutton. I have been to the doctor... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Black Pigmentation on Leg from Toe To Knees? (photo)

There is No Itching/burning Sensation. Its been 2 yrs now. What it could be and the cause of it? Can it be cured? how long will it take. Will it... READ MORE

My Linea Negra is Still Visible 4 Years After Giving Birth. Is There Any Treatment for This?

It is still very dark and crooked. Is there any type of treatment to get rid of this? There is no sign of fading READ MORE

I have a dark patch near my groin. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have this dark patch near my groin and it has been there from my childhood days. How can I have it cured. READ MORE

I scratched my nose on turf and it looks like a rug burn. How can I make it go away? (Photo)

On turf. I scratched my nose. More like a rug burn. . The skin has healed good and flat. But the color is darker. Its been like 5 weeks and it doesn't... READ MORE

Is there any treatment for dark lips? (photo)

My top lip is dark, bottom one rosy pink but with dark outline. It just looks so ugly, makes me feel depressed. I am not African, I am light skinned,... READ MORE

I have vitiligo & Halo Nevi dotted around my body, but the latest one on my stomach looks odd. Is this normal? (photo)

Instead of the usual white oval / circle around my moles, this one is a large irregular white patch with a dark red/brown border. The mole itself has... READ MORE

Dark lips corners - Is it Angular chielitis? (photo)

I have very dark lips corners but there is no pain n bleeding..its looks like a Angular chielits.is it?i used so much medicine but there is no result.... READ MORE

I have had a dark line stretching from my umbilicus to the pubic region. What's causing these dark lines?

22 yrs old female here. I have had a dark line streching from my umbilicus to the pubic region since i was like 10 or 12. i am not pregnant. i have... READ MORE

What is this dark skin on my ankle? And what is the cause? (Photo)

I've had this since childhood(i think). Sometimes the skin is dry, thick and dark brown. And sometimes its red. It doesnt really itch/hurt or anthing.... READ MORE

I have dark patch around my nasal bridge (between the eyes). What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have this for years now and I'm only 18 and yes I have tried bleaching cream but it doesn't work READ MORE

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