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Dermatology: Horrible Dandruff , Head & Shoulders and Tsal Shampoos Not Working. How to Get Rid of It? (photo)

Ivve always had dandruf, but until now its always gone away with head and shoulders. I recently bought Neutrogena Tsal shampoo. I find that it... READ MORE

What Fungal Infection Can Cause an After Effect of Severe Dandruff?

3 yrs ago my daughter came home with a small circular red ring on her arm which quickly spread to different parts of her body. I was told by two... READ MORE

I am wondering if I have a serious skin condition on my scalp? (photo)

I have had this for several months now and it seems to be getting worse over time. Itchy red from scratching and picking at it. Big flakes come off... READ MORE

Does this look like seb derm? My face went this red from using moisturizer. (Photo)

Always red around this area, i have dandruff and flakes in eye brows but not at all bad, i believe i may be celiac and would this cause these problems... READ MORE

I have been getting dandruff in my eyelashes and it's very hard to control.

I am 63 and this started a few years ago. I use a mascara brush to remove the flakes from the follicles of my eyelashes but it's not very comfortable.... READ MORE

Is This a Form of Dandruff?

If so, how do I treat it on my own(I have no health insurance)? (I have a few small patches on my scalp) READ MORE

Scalp Problem?

Hi, I have problem with my scalp dandruff,hair fall and pimple like on my scalp too for many yrs as I remember. I have change my shampoo and tried few... READ MORE

Skin discoloration from scrubbing my face?

Hi , dandruff keeps falling to my front face so i keep scrubbing like everyday and today i found out that there are some small lighten zones in the... READ MORE

I've been taking treatment for dandruff and seb dermattis for 2 years but still I haven't got any cure. (Photo)

I haven't undergone any test to conclude the exact problem but my doubt is that I think I have demodex infestation in my scalp and beard areas and I... READ MORE

Is what I have excema, am I allergic to something (I rotate shampoos so I doubt it), or is it some other skin condition? (photo)

I get serious discoloring along my hairline whenever I wear fake hair or do not wash my hair for longer than a week.My head will itch really badly and... READ MORE

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