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Do I Need to Seek a Dermatologist's Help for Outbreak of Zits/rash?

I'm a healthy, active 30 yr. old woman. Recently parts of my face have broken out in a dry/flakey/with little zits rash. This has occurred above one... READ MORE

What Are These Bumps under the Skin on my Chin?

I am a teenage boy and I constantly have these tiny, bumps forming just under the skin on my chin. Sometimes they just stay as a small bumps, but most... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for severe acne scars and dark spots? (photos)

I have little acne and large mouthless ones on my chin and over my face and am 26. I have battled this acne for very long. Acne leaves dark spots... READ MORE

Best treatment for brown spot removal and to smooth out skin tone?

I have brown spots (hyperpigmentation) on my nose and some on my chin. My cheeks are a bit patchy. I'm currently doing 3 chemical peels but I don't... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of the hundreds of ingrown chin and upper lip hairs? (photos)

Hi, I have uploaded a few high quality photos of my lip and chin and I wondering why my skin texture is so rough in these spots. Also, even after I... READ MORE

What could my skin condition be, and what are my treatment options? (Photo)

For 4 months, I have been struggling with skin issues. Recently my skin has gotten exponentially worse. It started a few months ago when I would go to... READ MORE

Bumps on chin that will not go away. What are they and how can I get rid of them? (Photo)

I have had several small bumps on my chin for over 10 years now. A few dermatologists have taken a look but could not determine what they were. A... READ MORE

I applied iodine antiseptic spray too close & for too long on a popped spot. Is the hypopigmentation burn permanent? (photo)

The burn happened three days ago. i applied iodine antiseptic spray too close and for too long on a popped spot, giving what i think is to be a... READ MORE

Indent from Electrodessication for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

I had some hyperplasia spots on my chin treated a week ago. All but the largest spot are healing normally. The largest one is still peeling/scabbing... READ MORE

Red Irritated Rash With Blemishes on Chin?

I have been experiencing a red irritated rash with blemishes on my chin for a long period of time. Just recently it has really become inflamed. I am... READ MORE

Diagnosis of Folliculitis on Chin? (photo)

Going on 6 months, I have an isolated patch of folliculitis on my chin measuring half an inch. On close inspection the area is made up of very small... READ MORE

Put Toothpaste on my Chin Because I Had a Boil and I Thought it Would Dry it Out? (photo)

Well it was red and brown the first day, then the second day it was brown, I put neosporin on it and by day 3 and 4 it started to peel a little but I... READ MORE

I have had a red, itchy and swollen area on my chin for 2 days. What is it and how can I treat it? (photos)

A few days ago I felt som itch on my chin, naturally I itched it. When I later checked in the mirror I saw that the area was red and swollen. Now It's... READ MORE

Please could you tell me what this small, red, hard raised dot/spot is on my face? It's been there for years now (photo)

I have this red little dot/spot on my chin its been there for a few years now since I was about 10 years old I am now 16. Its not a big size its quite... READ MORE

I have dark pigmentation above my upper lip and my chin...most likely bruising caused from electrolysis years ago?

It has never faded and I'm probably not the best on using extra sunsreen. What is the best way to get rid of this? Chemical peel? Micro-dermabrasion? IPL? READ MORE

What might be causing the bumps and discoloration on my chin and how can I clear it?

I have small bumps on my chin. I'm not sure how to get rid of them or what causes them. Also, I have a lot of discoloration on chin as well as upper... READ MORE

What are the best treatments for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

I am female 60 w/ history oily skin. For decades I have had quarter-sized bumpy patches of sebaceous hyperplasia on my chin & forehead where I used to... READ MORE

What is Causing White Patch on my Baby Face?

Hi doc, my son is 4 months old, 2 months age he developed a white patch on his chin which has now spread around his mouth and nose. now i notice he... READ MORE

What are those rough or dimpled (?) shadowy spots on my lip and chin, and how can I fix them? (photo)

I posed for a friend in some very unforgiving light. I knew I had the "parenthesis" line next to my lip, but I had no idea my general skin surface was... READ MORE

How can I cure an under skin infection and burnt scar on my chin? (photo)

I burnt my chin with hot water last year and can't get rid of it. Although i try to cover it with foundation it still looks obvious. it needs to be... READ MORE

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