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Does Hydroquinone Really Cause Cancer?

Does hydroquinone really cause cancer? READ MORE

Removing or Lightening Freckles

I am undergoing cancer treatment and I believe the chemo I take is making my freckles become more prominent. My skin has really been sensitive and I... READ MORE

Could this mole be cancerous? (photo)

This has been on my lower leg for a while now and I also have a red lifted mole on my scalp near my hair line. READ MORE

How can I tell if a mole is cancerous? (photos)

I yesterday I noticed two moles on my abdomen looking like these pic. I have birthmarks. But these look different. It's a weird color. The are raised... READ MORE

Does this lesion look like skin cancer? (photo)

Had this lesion for a few years, it's the size if a pencil eraser. It looks like it is changing colors and feels hard to the touch. READ MORE

Can Multiple Keloids Still Growing Lead to Cancer?

I have multiple keloids with itching till now some more keloids newly formed and also growing may it leads to cancer READ MORE

One Time Psoralea Application - Did I Cause Permanent Damage?

I had used Psoralea corylifolia powder on small areas of my skin-outside on a cloudy day for about 5 min.Next day major redness,scaling skin and... READ MORE

Open Greasy Pores After Lung Cancer Treatment?

I had Lung Cancer 4 years ago and had all the treatment for it its left me with 1 big Problem open pore greasy skin I had acne when I was younger and... READ MORE

I have always had liver splashes but it's getting worse, especially on my arm, what can I use?

I'm African American I'm 22 and I got this from my dad it's all over my neck and my back I'm starting to think its cancerous. READ MORE

Can this mole be cancerous? (Photo)

I have this mole in the side of my forehead, right next to my eye; it is very lumpy. I've had it since I can remember, but it has gotten a little... READ MORE

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