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I Have a Small Brown Spot Above my Upper Lipline That Really Bothers Me

Several years ago I had a cold sore or a pimple of some sort right above the lipline that I didn't treat well (I popped it or scratched at it or... READ MORE

Brown Spots and Broken Capillaries - How to Get Rid of Them?

I am a 53 year old Asian female. I was using .05% Atralin, a pea-size amount once a week for 3 ½ months to remove some light brown spots on my... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries & Red on Brown Neck and Face Spots?

I have a few small, (1/2 inch) very stubborn broken capitularies in my face that have been treated by many different kinds of lasers, from Doctors... READ MORE

Pigmentation on Back? (photo)

4years ago i noticed a brown mark on my back tat was not present before im 25yr old female medically fit ive used several acne treatments for my back... READ MORE

Hi. I Am a 27 Year Old African American Women. For a Very Long Time I Have Had Dark Spots on Different Parts of my Body.

Thoes parts being my legs, my arms,my thigh and a little on my face. I have tryed coco butter, bleaching creams, the goo inside the Alvero plants, but... READ MORE

How to get rid of these tiny dark brown spots on my legs? What are the possible treatments? (Photo)

I have these tiny dark brown spots on my legs since I was a child since I am allergic to dust when I was younger. Insect bites can cause red spots on... READ MORE

Is this Melasma or Sun Spot(s) on my forehead? (photos)

Noticed brown spots on my forehead 2 years ago. Avoided the sun and got a Vi Peel to help, but to no avail. I use 50spf on it when I'm out. I also... READ MORE

I Have Noticed I Have These Light Brown Spotches or FrecklesI Was Wondering if I Need to Be Concern?

I have recently noticed I have these light brown spotches or freckles on my right foot and none on my left at all. They were never there before. It... READ MORE

I recently have been getting these brownish spots in random places. What is this? (photos)

I also have them on my inner thigh. Those ones are bigger and more defined. Here is a photo READ MORE

What are these brown/reddish spots covering my entire body & how can I get rid of them? (photo)

Over the past couple years I have developed a large amount of spots on my entire body, worst on my upper thighs. I hate these spots and I'm so self... READ MORE

Can someone help me with red face, large pores and brown spots? Using OBAGI -C clarifying serum and it help a little. (photo)

Hi I have brown spots as well as red area's and large pores. I am using using OBAGI -C clarifying serum. Helps a little. Does the OBAGI -C contain... READ MORE

Normal To Have Small Brown Spots on Penis?

Is it normal to have few small round brown spots on a skin on a shaft of penis and scrotum? READ MORE

What Are the Brown Spots on my Tongue? (photo)

Ok so during my pregnancy I noticed that I had a tiny brown dot on the tip of my tongue and a small bit on the side of it.. My baby was born 4months... READ MORE

I Have Two Flat Dark Brown Spots on my Penile Shaft and I Wanted to Know What It is and How Can I Remove It?

I believe I had it for several months and it doesn't hurt or anything but I don't want to keep it. It is noticeable and I am a virgin that has not... READ MORE

Dark/Brown Spots Near and Below Eyes?

Hi, I have brown / dark spots that look a bit like a mix between a pimple and mole and are around and below both of my eyes. I've attached pictures... READ MORE

Red Rash Like On My Penis Shaft After Sex?

I get like a red rash on my penis shaft after sex and it takes forever to go away. Ive been to a dermatoligest and he gave me cream that does not go... READ MORE

Treatment for Acanthosis Nigricans After Underlying Problem Has Been Dealt With?

In the past six months I lost a great deal of weight, and was able to pull myself out of being diabetic with a great change in diet. Unfortunately, I... READ MORE

Brown Spots on Feet, What Are They? (photo)

I have brown spots on both my feet and I don't know where they came from. I need help the doctor said it was a fungus and prescribed meds but the... READ MORE

Brown Patches Caused By What? (photo)

Hello sir am swathi,23f,please see the my photos which i have getting the brown patches under the lip and tan area..y am getting this... READ MORE

Brown Spotty, Flaky Skin After Facial Rejuvenation Surgery? (photo)

HI,,I had multiple facial surgeries 3 weeks ago. My skin is now flaking off, brown..peeling. In my pictures it looks like I have freckling, but I... READ MORE

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