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How to Treat Dark Patches After a Face Bleach Reaction?

Hello AFter i applied face bleach in a salon on wednesday face got inflamed and now i have black patches on the face. they look like dried burnt... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Darken Skin in Someone Who Got Skin Blanching After a Cortisone Injection?

An African American lady got white skin blanching after a cortisone injection. Is there anyway to darken the skin? READ MORE

Bleaching Cream Isn't Working, What else Can I Do?

My skin has darkened and gone blotchier and idk why but using SPF 46, 4% obagi bleach cream, retina a 0.025% and lactic acid peels for the past 2... READ MORE

What happened and what to do with my mustache shadow?

I don't have no hair up above my lip but, I have a shadow. I put Clorox bleach above my lips multiple times on Saturday. Today is Sunday, around the... READ MORE

How Can I Drastically Lighten my Skin? (photo)

I started using bleaching creams and avoiding sunlight since I was 12. Now I am almost 18 years old and I also take l-gluthathoine + vitamin c pills... READ MORE

Accidentally Bleached Nipples by Trying to Treat PIH Following a Breast Lift?

The PIH area of concern was around my nipples. I was advised to use glycolic acid by a dermatologist. The product recommended was not available so I... READ MORE

I have dark spots on my groin area. Can it be a chemical burn from bleaching cream or do I have fungus on the skin?

I have dark spots on my groin area what can i use i dont want to visit a doctor...I was using a bleaching cream on my genital area ,i didnt have... READ MORE

Brown Patches Caused By What? (photo)

Hello sir am swathi,23f,please see the my photos which i have getting the brown patches under the lip and tan area..y am getting this... READ MORE

Does Bleach Help Lighten Brown-tinted Under Eye Circles?

I have had under eye circles since birth! The region is brownish with veins showing. I use industrial-strength makeup but it isn't always effective,... READ MORE

What are options for skin lighting or bleaching?

I've tried photos therapy didn't work color came a little bit and left READ MORE

How can I get rid of the mustache shadow at home?

From time, time to time you can see it then you can't. But, need to not see at alone fast! Like what's a remedies or can I use clorox bleach to... READ MORE

How to treat white decoloured skin due to bleach?

I  used oxy bleach now my face has got white decoloured patches at many places on my face .. is the reason behind is only bleach or some other... READ MORE

I Bleached my Face Yesterday! I Hate That Golden Hairs?

But i ended up with golden hairs in my upper lips forehead i dont like that how to get back my black hairs! how long it will take for the recovery? READ MORE

How to resolve this? I put bleach above my lip on my mustache shadow. (photos)

I put bleach above my lip on my mustache shadow. And rubbed the bleach away with peroxide more than three times. Then below my nose started to feel... READ MORE

Did I ruin my skin using Curaderm to treat AK? Is there a treatment to restore the pigment? (photos)

You can see in my breast photos that my skin looks bleached where I used Curaderm (an eggplant product) to treat pre cancerous skin lesions. I didn't... READ MORE

Did applying sunscreen to one part of my arm permanently alter the pigment in my skin, bleach it, or damage it? (photos)

I have two moles on my upper arm. I was outside about a month ago and I put some zinc based sunscreen on that area just to protect those moles while I... READ MORE

I have dark patch around my nasal bridge (between the eyes). What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have this for years now and I'm only 18 and yes I have tried bleaching cream but it doesn't work READ MORE

What can I do if I have red spot on my face after using Corticosteroid for 1 month?

 I burned myself with salicylic acid and after that treated myself with corticosteroid, sine than I have a round red spot at that place which... READ MORE

What caused the black patch on my chin? (Photo)

I went to mexico a couple years ago and when I came back I noticed a black patch on my chin i wanted to take it off but didn't know how a friend of... READ MORE

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