Blackheads + Dermatology

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How to reduce / repair large pores on my nose? (photos)

I'm 38 years old and after many years of abusing my skin on my nose (squeezing, sun damage & genetics) it has very large pores which have hundreds of... READ MORE

Problems with Deep Acne/blackheads. How To Get Rid Of Them?

Hello, how to treat deep or even VERY DEEP blackheads? Ones that don't want to fade away or get out (I'm not trying to pick them up, but even if I... READ MORE

What are the dark spots on my legs? (Photo)

I have got pimples,blackheads and dark spots all over my legs,everytime i pinch the blackhead ,a hair comes out of it,there are underskin hair on my... READ MORE

Permanently removing blackheads from nose? (photo)

My nose has blackheads and hairs, as well as bumps. What options are there for the permanent removing of blackheads/hairs from a nose? Can a... READ MORE

Does Pore Extraction Can Help Oily Nose Skin ?

I see small black dots on my nose , if I do pore extraction with my hands , does it help my oily skin? or is there a better way? READ MORE

How do I treat a bumpy forehead? (photo)

My forehead was always a little bumpy, but recently it's gotten out of hand. I've been exfoliating it and moisturizing it daily, but the bumps just... READ MORE

Black Heads in 23 Years Old Girl. Do I Need to Use Organic?

I am 23 years old girl. I have small black heads on nose. Tone is fair. I am using cleansing foam, toner, bb cream. What should I do in skin care... READ MORE

I have black spots on my penis what can they be? (Photo)

Recetly i was checking my self and noticed some black spots around my penis. They dont itch or bother me. They also dont have any liquid discharge. Is... READ MORE

Get Small Black Heads On My Nose That Leave Small Holes?

So I've been getting these small black heads on my nose and as they go away, some stay behind and leave like small holes in my nose. I've had three of... READ MORE

Open Pores with Whiteheads and Blackheads, Which Treatment is Best for me? IPL, Chemical Peel, Fraxel?

I have a zillion large really large open pores on my cheeks and nose which are accompanied by white heads and blackheads. Should i opt for a chemical... READ MORE

Please Give Me Advice on my Forehead Scars/pores/blackheads? (photo)

As you can see, I am still struggling with what appears to be large pores/blackheads/scarred or pitted scars, I have no idea what they are. I also... READ MORE

Dark spots after facial blackhead extraction, is there anything I can do?

I was in a facial treatment and had blackheads extracted over a long and painful duration of about a whole hour. I suspect that it is pigmentation due... READ MORE

Blackhead, Tick, Skin Cancer and/or hole as result of removing? (Photo)

I had a black dot on my led cheek I hadn't previously ever seen. I thought it was a blackhead, so gently exfloiated and gave it a nudge with a... READ MORE

Had Been Offered Too Many Tratments by Different Dermatologists for my Bad Skin Condition, What Should I Ge with Less Down Time?

Dear doctors my nose is covered by black heads that even professional make up can't cover they are in relief and i can feel them but can't extract... READ MORE

What dermatological method is the best for my skin?

I'm 17 and I have a very bad skin because I have acne since Grade 2 ( I'm 6 or 7 years old at that time). I have a skin with large pores, black heads,... READ MORE

Red spot on my nose. (Photo)

I had this blackhead on my nose 2 days ago and I tried popping it and it left a small red spot which is normal. But after a couple of days I've... READ MORE

How Can I Get a Clean Face? Any Home Treatments?

How can I get a clean face ? Is there any home remedies ? I got black marks and pimples and even whiteheads. My skin is oily and got a slight dark... READ MORE

How to Achieve Good Skin Again on my Face? (photo)

I know i may need to see a dermatologist for help but over the past few years i have been having troubles with blackheads and minimal things on my... READ MORE

My nose is healing very nicely, but there is one deep pore on it?

There is one deep pore that is getting a blackhead on it, and I washed it a little too hard, but it's not black anymore. Is there anything I can do to... READ MORE

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