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Need to Worry About Tumor Like Growths on Skin?

Please help me know these growth I have in my back, I have them for 6-7 years. I am 35 years old, male and Asian. I have two kinds of growth in my... READ MORE

Pigmentation on Back? (photo)

4years ago i noticed a brown mark on my back tat was not present before im 25yr old female medically fit ive used several acne treatments for my back... READ MORE

Keloid Scars Appearing After Rash

I am in my mid-thirties now and have had keloid scars on my upper back since i was about twenty.The scarring starts off with a rash first... READ MORE

Round Reddish Spots on my Back After Finding Tick?

I have pinkish reddish round spots about the size of a dime on my middle/lower back that I noticed last night. It just worries me cuz just a week ago... READ MORE

Treatment for Red Lesions on Back?

Dear Doctors, I am a 25 year old hispanic male, 176lbs. and 5'11. I have always had a problem with these red lesions on my back. They are not... READ MORE

Is This Skin Cancer? (photo)

I am 22 years old. female. i woke up one day with this patch on my back. I had no idea how it got there. It became itchy at times, but not too itchy.... READ MORE

Dark spots on upper back. What could this be? (photo)

Some time now ( about 2 months) the skin on my upper back has developed dark spots. They are persistent and they aren't getting away. They would seem... READ MORE

Red Bumps on Skin?

I have had red bumps on my legs arms back and buttox my whole life, what are they and how can i get them removed? READ MORE

Lichen Planus?

I got diagnoised Lichen Planus. I got them on my penis head and around,lower back and 2 dots on wrist. One dermatologist said to use ELOCON... READ MORE

Can Anyone Suggest Good Doctor in NYC? I Have Red Rash on my Back and the Itchiness is Unbearable? (photo)

Last year the red rash was on my leggs, and I went to the doctor, she told me it's eczema. She gave me cream, but it did not help. When summer came,... READ MORE

I Have These Fungus on my Back Since 1month Ago,?

I have these fungus on my back since 1month ago,my GP gave me perscribtion of ketoconazole and fluconazole are they perfect for treatement. READ MORE

I've had this scar for years, and it swells at times. Could it be a keloid scar? (Photo)

Have had for several years, it would go down at times then swell up and become painful. It is located om the small of my back and my skin rubs against... READ MORE

Whats the Price of Keloid Removal?

Hello i live in Lakewood California, i have very small keloid scars on my back smaller then the size of a dime, i wanted to know what woul be the... READ MORE

Small white raised bumps, what are they?

In the past couple of months i have developed these small bumps on my chest and back. i noticed it first near the end of the summer. when i would... READ MORE

I have small white spots on my back. Is it fungal or pigmentation related disease?

I noticed the spots after my back got tanned after swimming. READ MORE

What do you think these spots are on my legs, back and face? They are red and itchy. (photos)

The spots are really itchy. I have them on my legs,back and face . Any suggestions? Thank you READ MORE

What Could This Be? Non Itchy Patches that Don't Protrude? (photo)

They have been on the back since a year now. What could this be? a few options please! READ MORE

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