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Need to Worry About Tumor Like Growths on Skin?

Please help me know these growth I have in my back, I have them for 6-7 years. I am 35 years old, male and Asian. I have two kinds of growth in my... READ MORE

The Fat on my Face Seems to Have Prematurely Dissappeared! What Can I Do?

26, male, Chinese ethnically, from Hawaii (high humidity!) I've gotten comments on how I look older than I am since I was 22. Then I went to South... READ MORE

Loose, Dark Armpit Skin

Hi, i am 26 years old (Asian). Ive been waxing my full body since i was 13. for the past few years, my arm-pits look increasingly disgusting. the skin... READ MORE

I Am an Asian. I Used Lemon Juice on Skin for Two Days and I Ended Up Having Darker Circular Pigmentation?

2 or 3 spots on face. Darker than my normal skin tone.What can be done about it as I didnt have it prior to using lemon. READ MORE

Freckle or Lentigo? (photo)

I have pigmentation on the left side of my face since 1 year old. I have only a few on the right side of the face. the pigmentation does not seem to... READ MORE

How important is it for racial/ethnic minorities to see a dermatologist experienced with that racial/ethnic skin type?

I'm of Chinese and Taiwanese descent. Here in Semi-Podunk Alabama, there aren't many East Asian people, so the dermatologists probably don't have much... READ MORE

Not sure what skin problem I have? (photo)

For 4-5 years,I have had brown/dark purplish spots growing on my lower body gradually.To be specific,right under my belly button.It does not itch nor... READ MORE

Dark Lips - How Can I Make my Lips Pink or Red?

My lips are very dark .i do not smoke and i drink tea and coffee. i need to make my lips pink or red. i'm 24 years male from Srilanka. please give me... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Hyperpigmentation on Thighs and Groin Area?

I'm Asian with medium brown skin, and I have very dark patches of skin in between my thighs and groin. It extends down to my mid thigh and back of... READ MORE

I Have a Medium Skin Tone( Caucasian and Asian Heritage). I Have Some Red Spots on my Face, Should I be Concerned?

I have a medium skin tone( Indian/caucasian mistaken for hispanic,and italian very often). There are some red spots on my face from acne. I purchased... READ MORE

Hi I Have Keratotis Pilares On My Legs. What Do You Recommend?

On legs, I have had this did a awhile and have used many creams including dermadoctor. I am of asian descent and am worried about pigmentation but... READ MORE

I am asian and have had these bumps on my forehead for a long time. How can I remove them?

I have had these for ages, i dont know what to take, laser?vi peel? fractional laser?chemical? bumps visible only when under the sun. and i tried... READ MORE

Im 30 Yrs Old Asian Ethnic and Have Large Pores on my Nose What Laser Treatment Would Be Best?

I Heard botox would help with this issue so I gave it a tried. The botox ended up making my pores larger and my skin oilier. Im thinking in getting... READ MORE

My underarms are red after the peeling. How can I get rid of this?

Hi, I'm an asian girl, before, I used to have a bit dark underarm then I use a peeling oil bought here in our country, after it peels off my skin now... READ MORE

I have been on Isotretinoin 40mg a day. I am starting to see pigmentation under my skin. Is this a permanent side effects?

I have been on Isotretinoin 40mg a day for 2 months thus far. I am starting to see pigmentation under my skin which is lighter than my actual skin... READ MORE

I have some skin discoloration under my lips and side of the lips. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

My race is Asian from Bangladesh. Is therr anyway i can fix this skin discolor. When i grew hairs, from thise discolored place, hairs never grow,... READ MORE

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