Scarring + Derma Roller

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I Am 42 and Have Had Cystic Acne. Thinking About Using Dermaroller for Scars? (photo)

I am a 42 female, started getting cystic acne 7 years ago every month. Did accutane over a year ago and it has pretty much all stopped. But now I have... READ MORE

For a 4 Week Old Atrophic Scar on the Face- How Soon Would Derma Rolling Be Advised?

I have a 4 week old scar as a result of using a "natural" mole removing paste. Would like to know how soon I can under go derma rolling to lessen the... READ MORE

Dose Derma Roller Help with Atrophic Scarring Easily IrritatedLesions 7weeeks After Infini Radiofrequancy by Lutronic Company?

Iam 39 y old female was with perfect skin , 7 weeks ago i had only one session of of infini radiofrequancy machine lutronic company done by mohamad... READ MORE

Dark spots caused from shaving and scarring?

I have dark spots from shaving in my bikini area and some scars as well. Its very embarrassing to be without clothes on if you know what I mean. I... READ MORE

How long do I need to see results from derma rolling? What products to use with it?

I have recently come off steroid treatment very abruptly, which caused my skin to go crazy and every pore became clogged which then turned into a spot... READ MORE

Over-aggressive Dry Needling Caused Scarring. What Are my Treatment Options? (photo)

Dry needling was performed on my ankle to help correct hypopigmentation with electric machine by a trained, licensed esthetician with nursing degree.... READ MORE

Are the Results from Dermarolling/micro Needling Permanent?

For mild to moderate atrophic scarring, will the improvement last indefinitely? I see a lot of conflicting answers online, even within the medical... READ MORE

Should I Follow Through With Dermaroller Treatment After Failed IPL?

No results after two IPL treatments, so he also suggest me for dermaroller and now from next month i am going to start that which cost me approx... READ MORE

Is Derma Rolling Any Good for Atropic Scars from an Accident? (photo)

I had hoped this may be good for my facial scar, but I keep reading 'acne scarring' and nothing about a depressed scars from accidents. Can I have a... READ MORE

Should i use dermaroller at home or go to the hospital and spend thousands of dollars? (photo)

Hi.I'm 17 now.And i always had these horrible scars on my face since i was very little. They're all over my cheeks,deep and kind of like chicken pox... READ MORE

Does derma roller work for this type of scarring? If so, what mm do I buy and how do I use it? (Photo)

Hi I'm a 34 year old. I have expensive hyperpigmentation on my face due to pregnancies and hysterectomy. I also have tiny little holes from acne and... READ MORE

I have very light scarring on face (cheek, left side) - mostly rolling scars. Whats best > Dermaroller or Microdermabrasion?

Scarring is noticable under certain lighting conditions, and the way I position my face. For instance, in some mirrors I cant notice the scarring even... READ MORE

Is 1.5 of Derma Roller sufficient to treat sun damage, light/ medium lines, and mild scaring?

I purchased a 1.5 mm dermaroller and numbing cream to use at home on my face i plan to use it fotnightly in conjuction with retin a gel, prescrption... READ MORE

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