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Dermaroller on Surgical Scars?

I am considering getting surgery, and I was just wondering how long after any type of surgery (most likey tummy tuck) would I have to wait before... READ MORE

How effective is micro-needling? Should it be done before a facelift?

I have gotten different responses about this procedure. Does it work? Will it help? READ MORE


The question is, does it actually work? READ MORE

Can I improve white scar on my neck using Derma-roller? Or are there effective methods using skin products? (photos)

I have use aloe vera for a year but there are no improvement can be seen.. Instead of vitamin E cream and aloe vera gel, please suggest solutions to... READ MORE

Can Derma Roller work for ice pick scars?

I've heard a lot about it and I'm wondering if it may help with my small ice pick scars, I don't believe they are very deep or that noticeable unless... READ MORE

Would dermaroller or dermapen treatments help my large T-zone and cheek pores? (Photo)

Very large open pores that have only appeared very recently. 27/F, previously had very little issues with my skin. I have tried various products &... READ MORE

Is Dermaroller Safe for Dark Skin Tone? (photo)

I am a 28 year old female(Asian). I had acne scars on my cheeks not like ice pricks but medium sized and prominent ones. I have gone through the laser... READ MORE

Collagen and Elastin Creams, Are They Effective?

I had a dermaroller a month ago and the dermatologist suggested to use an Elastin and Collagen cream, while on internet mostly it is debated that it... READ MORE

I Have Acne Pit Scarring. Will the Dermapen Work?

I have acne pit scarring on both my cheeks - I am a bit reluctant to use lasers and so I looked into dermarollers but I read a few reviewes about the... READ MORE

Dermaroller/Skin Needling for Mastopexy Scars? (Photo)

One year ago I had a benelli mastopexy for my tuberous breasts. My left side has a lot more scarring and puckering than the smooth look of my right... READ MORE

I Just Want to Know About Dermawand?

Does it work to tighten the skin? Is it worth $100? Do you have to use it twice a day forever? Or will at some point use it as needed? I have one... READ MORE

Microneedling, Safe and Effective? (photo)

I am 311/2 and used to pick at my acne. Does discoloration on forehead look like old acne scars, sun damage, or pigment problems? I avoid the sun... READ MORE

Does DermaRoller Work on Grade 3 Acne Scar? (photo)

I want to treat scar on my upper cheek. I believe it is "Grade 3 Acne Scar". Under light or certain angle it look deep but when i stretch my skin it... READ MORE

Are Dermarollers for Home Use, Safe and Effective?

I have seen dermarollers which can be purchased online. Are these safe to practice on ones self? I have light acne scars, nothing major, and would... READ MORE

Derma Roller Effective on Sun Damage and Fine Lines?

There is so much confusing info on Derma Rolling. Will it work for sun damage and fine lines? If so, what size needles should be used and how often... READ MORE

Does derma roller work for this type of scarring? If so, what mm do I buy and how do I use it? (Photo)

Hi I'm a 34 year old. I have expensive hyperpigmentation on my face due to pregnancies and hysterectomy. I also have tiny little holes from acne and... READ MORE

1) Is dermarolling on hands effective? 2) Are mini dermarollers for home use effective?

1. I read about dermarolling to reduce signs of aging on hands. Is this advisable? 2. Additionally, I am confused about the discussions regarding home... READ MORE

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