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Does Dermapen work for under eye wrinkles or is Fraxel better?

I was turned away from my appt. to have the Dermapen procedure saying it would only make my eyes look refreshed. She told me that Fraxel would be... READ MORE

Will derma pen cause scaring or damage my skin?! (photo)

I have shallow acne scars. I have like 5 main ones. Will it help plump them up? And will this procedure make me break out? READ MORE

MIcroneedling/Dermapen Treatment consists of longer downtime? I only see positive reviews with recovery in two days! (Photo)

I got a derma pen treatment on 10/7, where a nurse administered the device. She was more aggressive, and did "stamping" on my laugh lines. After the... READ MORE

Dermapen for rolling and depressed scars. Are there any side effects?

Was wondering how the results were for the treatment dermapen for rolling and depressed scars. Also the side effects if any. Thanks! READ MORE

Does micro needling, derma pen cause hyper pigmentation on color skin if used to treat fine lines and skin texture?

Does micro needling, derma pen cause hyperpigmentation on color skin if used to treat fine lines and skin texture? How often would one have a... READ MORE

Can micro needling/derma pen to treat fine lines be done if a patient has fillers in the nasolabial folds?

I have fine lines in the nasolabial fold area and I'm considering fillers but I also have a future interest in micro needling. Can micro needling be... READ MORE

Using a dermarolling or dermapen. Why do some doctors say it's good yet others put it down?

Why is it that some doctors say dermarolling or using a dermapen is good yet others say it's useless? I see it being used more & more in doctors... READ MORE

Can the dermapen help with red marks? Or am I better off with lasers?

I have a lot of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. My acne has cleared, but I am self conscious about the red marks. Would derma pen get rid of the... READ MORE

Can DermaPen treatments treat large scars from 1960's wire resurfacing facial treatments?

As a teenager in the 60's I had 2 separate resurfacing procedures done with a whirring wire brush for acne scars. I now have large scar areas on my... READ MORE

Down Time After Getting Electronic Meso Needling (Derma Pen)?

I got meso needling 4 days ago (1.5mm needle), and was wondering how long the down time would be. I was told by the nurse to keep the area moisturised... READ MORE

How Often Should You Use a 1.0 Mm Dermaroller for Hair Loss?

I am currently being treated using a product called the dermapen for a couple of surgical scars I have. I came across some information that you could... READ MORE

Why are some doctors promoting DERMAPEN?

I had six treatments done for some acne scarring which was sold to me(expensive)Well it's been months and no nothing nada improvements at all.Why are... READ MORE

Does the Derma Pen or Derma Roller Produce Collagen?

My local Medi Spa has a new procedure called the Derma Pen Procedure, it supposedly produces collagen by poking holes in the dermis. It supposedly... READ MORE

Can damage from dermapen be repaired?

I had a dermapen session about 6 months ago, and although it has clearly filled in some of my scars, it has also created a rough, uneven texture, and... READ MORE

Is it possible that Dermapen treatment has created lumps and creases on my skin?

The right side of my forehead has in the past 2 1/2 months (since dermapen) developed diagonal creases, and some of the areas look raised. It is ONLY... READ MORE

Dermapen VS Rejuvapen.. which is better?

I have very fine surgical scars on both of my cheeks I'm african american very light complexion. I already know I'm not a good candidate for laser.... READ MORE

Dermapen treatment for pink slightly depressed 5 month old scars. Will it prolong the pinkness or help it fade faster?

Can dermapen be used on a scar that it 5 months old and still pink and slightly depressed, will it prolong the scars pinkness or help fade it faster?... READ MORE

How long will it take for the Dermapen results of this treatment to show?

I just had my second Dermapen treatment. Roughly how long will it take for the results of this treatment to show? READ MORE

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