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How Do I Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation from Derma Roller?

I got dermarolling for very mild acne scarring with 1.5 mm June last year on my whole face and developed hyperpigmentation in two spots on my cheek... READ MORE

How Many Times Can Skin Repair Itself Before Skin Tissues Collapse?

I use the derma roller and have read that skin can only repair itself so many times before the skin tissues collapse damaging your skin and making it... READ MORE

Could Dermaroller Possibly be Making My Scar Worse?

I've tried 2 times dermaroller process in beauty clinic with doctor. But why do I feel my scars is getting worse? Is there any risks or experience... READ MORE

What products help with Dermaroller Treatment to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation?

What kind of solution or cream should I use along with the dermaroller treatment to get rid of hyperpigmentation on my face? READ MORE

Can 2.0 derma stamp have ruined my skin?

I recently had derma stamp 2.0 done for scarred pores on my cheeks, its been nearly 2 months now and my skin looks worse than it did before, i have... READ MORE

Is punctate bleeding necessary needed to get the best results with a micro needling/derma pen session?

I had a mico needling treatment for my face. The numbing cream contained epinephrine. It suppressed any bleeding, the area was blanched. I am... READ MORE

How long before I can see results with dermaroller?

I have an indented chickenpox scar. I used dermaroller to it. how long before i can see result? READ MORE

How long does it take to see results on stretch marks using derma roller? Should I try longer needles?

I just started using derma roller 1mm to get rid of stretch marks that I have on my back, shoulders and armpits, they aren't really deep. I used derma... READ MORE

After Derma Roller Treatment is Completed, Can We Use Our Normal Skin Care Products?

Hello doctor after derma roller treatment is completed.. can we use our normal skin care products? aloe vera, cucumber, olive oil ...these things... READ MORE

Over-aggressive Dry Needling Caused Scarring. What Are my Treatment Options? (photo)

Dry needling was performed on my ankle to help correct hypopigmentation with electric machine by a trained, licensed esthetician with nursing degree.... READ MORE

Which Serum Should I Use After my Collagen Induction Therapy?

I want to buy the serum before my first CIT/dermapen treatment. My skin has few pitted & boxcars with dark spots inside them. I dont know which... READ MORE

Dermaroller Causing Ongoing Inflammation or What?

I used a dermaroller 1.5mm on my face 8 months ago, I applied a vit a/d ointment for 7 days (retinyl acetate and vitamin d2). Ever since then I've... READ MORE

Scarring from Skin Needling? (photo)

I had skin needling performed at a clinic on age spots on my legs and still after two and a half months I have horrible red spots from the procedure.... READ MORE

Down Time After Getting Electronic Meso Needling (Derma Pen)?

I got meso needling 4 days ago (1.5mm needle), and was wondering how long the down time would be. I was told by the nurse to keep the area moisturised... READ MORE

Collagen and Elastin Creams, Are They Effective?

I had a dermaroller a month ago and the dermatologist suggested to use an Elastin and Collagen cream, while on internet mostly it is debated that it... READ MORE

I Had a Derma Roller Treatment Yesterday and Have Scratch Marks On My Forehead?

Hi I had a derma roller treatment yesterday and I now have scratch marks on my forehead and also on the side of my face, how long will this take to fade? READ MORE

Does Derma Stamping Cause Long Term Collagen Loss?

I have started dermastamping (which seems to wk like fraxel laser) for my acne scars and fine lines. Was told to stamp every month for about a year to... READ MORE

Subcision for Deep Scars? (photo)

Hello, Ive had 4 sittings of dermaroller and now i was suggested to go ahead with the subcision treatment. I have attached photos of my scars. Please... READ MORE

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