Wisdom Teeth + Dental Implants

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Replacing a Missing Molar

I had one bottom molar extracted about 15 years ago. The molar and the wisdom tooth behind that missing molar have since moved towards the front. I... READ MORE

Replace Second Molar with Wisdom Tooth or Implant?

I have removed my second molar and I am not sure what to do now. READ MORE

Wisdom Teeth Have Caused Bottom Front Teeth to Overcrowd. How to Fix? (photo)

I think my wisdom teeth have caused my lower front teeth to overcrowd. If you can see the pic, one of them has created its own back row. Its neighbors... READ MORE

Moving Wisdoom Tooth Back (Creating Space for Implant)? (photo)

I have a missing 1st molar on my right side, and there's not enough room for an implant. Would it be possible to move the 2nd molar and the wisdom... READ MORE

Replace missing top wisdom teeth with dental implants to prevent further bone loss? (photos)

I had my two top wisdom teeth removed 14 months ago and since then my face has changed dramatically. My cheek bones have dropped and the area below my... READ MORE

I was told by my orthodontist that it is not safe and till I'm 18 to get the implants. Any suggestions?

Hi I am a 16-year-old female with braces I was born without two teeth therefore after my braces come off I will need implants my orthodontist tells me... READ MORE

I know that with each tooth extraction the facial height/width shrinks 2-4mm, is this true for wisdoms? Strongly cons. implants.

Hi, To say I'm despondent over getting my wisdom teeth removed would be putting it lightly..I have done thorough research on the subject and found... READ MORE

Do I have a dry socket? (Photo)

It has been 7 days since I had my lower left and upper right wisdom tooth cut out. They were both full bony impactions. My upper right is doing good.... READ MORE

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