Timing + Dental Implants

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Which Should Be Done First: Braces or a Tooth Implant?

I need to get a tooth implant. I also need braces. Which should be done first? Or does it matter? Appreciate your help, I am "so confused". READ MORE

How Long Can I Wait Before Getting a Dental Implant?

I need to extract a tooth as soon as possible due to infection. I would like to know how long I can wait to get an implant. I need to extract the... READ MORE

Is It O.K. to Do a Dental Implant on a 17 Year Old Boy?

My 17 yo son was recently diagnosed with an external resorption of tooth #8 (idiopathic, no known hx of trauma). His dentist, peridontist, and recent... READ MORE

Braces Before Molar Dental Implant?

Hi, I have two lower first molar taken out, I need to get braces to correct severe overjet/overbite issue. Do I need the braces first or dental... READ MORE

Recovery After 9 bottom Teeth Pulled at Once?

Just had 9 bottom teeth pulled with replacement dentures placed same day how long is recovery READ MORE

Can I Get an Implant and Wait for the Crown Until I Straighten my Teeth?

I was wondering if I could get an implant and then have braces put on. Once my teeth would straighten I could get the final crown. The implant would... READ MORE

Do I Need to Get All Implants Done at the Same Time in Order to Have a Removable Denture?

Can i do 2 on top left side then come back in 3 months and do 2 on the top right side and still be able to get removable denture. READ MORE

Should a Person Get Permanent Teeth Implanted Before Face Lift or Doesn't It Matter?

Plastic Surgeons probably know what I mean. Actor Tony Curtis promotes it: instead of dentures that a person can remove, they implant permanent teeth.... READ MORE

Can infection from dental abscess prevent socket graft and delay bone graft until after extracted tooth heals?

I have an abscessed tooth #30. The Periodontist will extract the abscessed tooth and put collagen plugs in the socket to aid healing and is using a... READ MORE

What is my Next Step? (photo)

I have several cavities and need braces and implants. I am having the last bad tooth on the bottom left side removed tomorrow. I only eat on that side... READ MORE

Should Third Teeth Be Implanted Before a Facelift?

Let's say, a person wants to ditch her dentures and wants teeth implanted, should she do this before the facelift or does that not matter? READ MORE

Is it safe to leave a wobbly crown for doing braces for more than a year before implant?

The crown on my front upper tooth became wobbly after I bit into something hard. My dentist said there is not much tooth left to hold a new crown so... READ MORE

How long can i wait to put the implants in after I did the bone graft for my four front teeth ?

Last time I did the bone graft for my four front teeth. Then I waited for seven months to put the implants in. But the doctor told me that my bone... READ MORE

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