Swelling + Dental Implants

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How Much Swelling Should I Expect with a Bone Graft Done for Dental Implants?

How Much Swelling Should I Expect with a Bone Graft Done for Dental Implants? Is the swelling noticeable to others? READ MORE

Can a Dental Bone Graft on Tooth #8 Cause Nasal Swelling?

About 6 weeks ago i had tooth #8 extracted and a bone graft in preparation for a dental implant. Now I notice my right nostril is thicker and hard.... READ MORE

Swelling Wont Go 1 Year After Bone Graft Upper Maxilla? (photo)

I had bone taken from my hip and placed in my upper maxilla. i am 21, i was involved in an accident where i lost 5 of my teeth and most of the bone on... READ MORE

Bone Loss and Immediate Implants?

A piece of my tooth broke off 4 months ago and I experienced no pain so i assumed I will be ok. But last week ago, I experienced pain in my tooth and... READ MORE

What's most important for patients to do post extraction to ensure successful bone grafting?

I was instructed to use gauze to keep pressure where two teeth (13, 14) were removed, to use ice to reduce swelling qnd take meds for pain,... READ MORE

Swelling or scar tissue 2 years post complex bone graft surgery due to facial gunshot wound? (photo)

There was only a little scar where the bullet entered. I had surgery to replace missing teeth. I had a bone graft placed to act as my upper maxilla... READ MORE

Should I have my tooth extracted or is there another option?

In '04 i was hit in face damaged teeth #7 thru#12. All successfully crowned. In 2010 #9 abcessed had root canal. Since, all affected teeth have... READ MORE

Does my implant need to be removed?

I had a implant placed 2 months ago by a very skilled periodontist that he didn't even have me on antibiotics after the surgery.now I felt some pain... READ MORE

Can screw retained crowns be fitted on the upper front teeth in singles? Is it normal for the gums to bleed and swell? (Photo)

I have four single screw retained crowns fitted on four implant at the upper front of my mouth, but I'm not happy how they look, In 3 days after... READ MORE

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