Root Canal + Dental Implants

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Why Get a Root Canal if You Can Get an Implant?

With the advent of the implant are root canals a thing of the past? What are Endodontists saying about this?? READ MORE

Root Canal Gone Bad After 11 Years; Implant?

Had a root canal 11 years ago. It developed an abscess a month ago. Was shuttled off to a root canal surgeon for a re-do. Root canal surgeon said "oh... READ MORE

Tooth 13 extraction and question on 14

I had root canal on 13 and 14  crowned 15 years ago. The crowns were replaced almost two times. Yesterday my 13 tooth came off with crown and... READ MORE

Need Implant on my Front Tooth, Worried About Matching Previous Crowns, What to Do? (photo)

I had 2 root canals &then 2 crown on my front teeth. One crown came loose and i'm being told i will need an implant on front too I'm... READ MORE

Implant or Bridge For A Bad Front Tooth?

When I was in middle school (now 21) I fell and injured one of my front teeth. I have had three root canals, and a surgery to remove the root of my... READ MORE

Need Implant on Front Tooth-worried About Matching Crowns and Real Tooth? (photo)

I broke my central and lateral incisor in 2005, had 2 root canals & 2 crowns.The tooth underneath the central crown broke, & I've had to... READ MORE

Autotransplant Possible? Unerupted Wisdom Tooth to Fractured 1st Molar? (photo)

My lower left 1st Molar is fractured with RCT completed & is likely to be either extracted or crowned. My friend (not a dentist) suggested an... READ MORE

Root Canal Extraction of Maxillary 2nd Molar W/severe Bone Loss. Is There Hope for Implant?

My root canal has been infected - For years my old dentist couldn't see anything with x-ray & dismissed by telling me to take Advil. Cap recently... READ MORE

Can a failed root canal cause infection? I have to have both extracted. Could you explain?

Two teeth had root canals & There were radiolucencies at the root tips & endodontist told me that it was likely scar tissue. READ MORE

Can this tooth be saved. Number 7 had previous root canal and now abscess may have cracked root?

Two years ago had root canal and now abscess, not sure if pero abscess or root problem, is there a way to tell, my dentist is not sure. Is there a... READ MORE

Could you give me more information about zirconia implant like how long does it take and approximately how much does it cost?

I did a root canal treatment for my front right tooth over 10 years ago, however the crown has broken recently, I would like to extract the tooth and... READ MORE

#13 tooth has a root canal, no crown. Have discomfort around tooth in the sinus area.

One x-ray shows crack and another no crack. One dentist (crack) want extraction, bone craft and implant, the other (no crack) says sinus infection, I... READ MORE

Worth it to re-treat a root canal molar a SECOND time? (photo)

I have a molar (upper right, second from the back) that had a root canal in the 80s.That root canal failed in April 2012 and was addressed with a root... READ MORE

I Have No Back Teeth. I Have Always Been Very Afraid of Dentist?

Due to some shoddy work i received when i was younger. I have had very bad preventive dentistry. When i had a cavity the dentist gave me a root canal... READ MORE

Missing Tooth Between Crowned Tooth and One Waiting Root Canal?

Would a bridge be appropiate with a missing tooth between two teeth that, one is crowned and good to go and I am waiting for the root canal treatment... READ MORE

I have to decide between root canal or extraction and implant, I have internal resorption of my molar.

My dentist believes tooth #30 has internal resorption. I was given antibiotics to treat the infection. Now I must decide if I should attempt a root... READ MORE

I Underwent a Root Canal Retreatment Which Was Unsuccessful, What Are My Options?

The problem is that the molar next to my bad tooth is fractured and there seems to be infection in the root of that tooth as well, which would mean I... READ MORE

Can a Tooth Which Had Root Canal Long Ago Still Cause Pain from a Cavity?

I had root canal long ago in a tooth. Just had an implant done next to that tooth. The root canal-ed tooth has a cavity. Could I feel pain from this... READ MORE

Why are we still using titanium instead of another compound for implants. I heard this is bad for your brain.

Why are we still using titanium for implants? I need implants done and I do not want titanium in my mouth or any other kind of metal, especially alloy... READ MORE

Horrible Teeth...need Help?

I've seen relatives, brothers/sisters, cousins, etc, have bad teeth. I have overcrowding and crooked as well. I also have tons of root canals... READ MORE

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