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Dental Implants Problems - What's Common

I'm considering getting dental implants, but I'm worried about side effects and complications. I've heard that they can cause nerve damage and even... READ MORE

What Are the Risks (Long Term and Short Term) of Using Cadaver Bone Graft Before Dental Implant?

What are the risks (long term and short term) of using cadaver bone graft before dental implant? Would it be better to just have the tooth (last molar... READ MORE

What Can Go Wrong with Dental Implants?

Curious to know the risks of dental implants before, during and after implant. READ MORE

The Screw Head of the Dental Implant Broke Off. Is This Common? How Difficult to Fix?

My husband is in the process of getting a dental implant. Each step has presented problems. The last part of the procedure that he had done involved... READ MORE

Can You Get Dry Socket with a Bone Graft? How Do You Detect This?

I had tooth #14 extracted due to abcess and bone graft placed on 8/2/13. I have had worsening pain since Monday.I've only experienced slight relief... READ MORE

Dental Implants and pregnancy?

I just recently found out I'm pregnant, and wondering if it's safe to get dental implants I will be needing 3 , and what are the risk ? READ MORE

What Adverse Effect Can Refractional Co2 Laser, for the Face, Have on Dental Implants and Crowns?

What adverse effect can refractionl co2 laser on face can have on dental implants and fixed porceline crowns READ MORE

About Dental Implants in India?

If i want implants for my upper 6 and lower 6 teeth just for asthetic reasons as i had taken ortho treatment twise with no success then hw much will... READ MORE

On the 15th Day of Previously Placed Implant #5, After Pain Suffer, Implant Failed. Is Safe to Do Again?

My Mother, 81 years old, no diabetes, no any injection or medication for osteoporosis, but she has osteoporosis going on. On the 15th day after... READ MORE

Does Asthma and Stressed Immune System Effect Tooth Implants?

I have asthma and I'm concerned about my stressed immune system and recovery. READ MORE

Dental Implants and RF and Non Surgical Treatments. Risks?

I have had dental implants put in my front teeth a month ago but I am also looking at having some non-surgical treatments for cellulite on thighs, fat... READ MORE

How Much of a Risk is Collagen Lip Injection After Dental Implants?

Do facial implants or collagen injections in the lips increase the risk of problems and infection after the installation of dental implants? READ MORE

Can implants still be unscrewed 5 months after they were put in? What are the risks associated with doing this? (photos)

I had left wisdom tooth and number 17 removed and 2 implants placed, all in the same session. My lower lip and chin are still numb after 5 months. CT... READ MORE

What is the risk of not replacing an extracted tooth with an implant?

I need to have tooth #18 removed as the root canal and crown have failed. What is the risk of not getting an implant? I'm hesitating to do so because... READ MORE

How complex is my case for dental implants and do I have a higher risk of implants failing? (photos)

I'm a 23 year old who has been missing teeth #8 & #9 for the past 13 years due to an accident. I have about 4 mm of bone width & a Class III... READ MORE

Would root surgery, e.g. apicoectomy make affect future dental implant?? (photos)

I may need to do a root surgery cos root canal has failed and there is a metal post in the tooth, which I understand make it hard to redo a root canal... READ MORE

Plasma Rich Protein - PRP. Is there any guarantee that the screw tip won't protrude into my sinus area and cause irritation?

Prior to a tooth implant, my dentist performed a sinus lift with PRP. He was looking for 10 millimeters of bone growth. I only grew 9.5. He says he... READ MORE

A Flexi Partial Was Recommended for Me Today

Greetings - My bridge has come loose and have actually come out of mu mouth quite often. Today my dentist recommended the above procedure. I am 44 and... READ MORE

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